Week 1: On Our Own?

I was thinking about writing a running diary for each week of ‘racing pro,’ like the one I wrote for the run-up to Kona. Since people really liked that one and it was probably the best thing I wrote last year. But. Well. There’s not a ton to say day after day. Train, sleep, make … More Week 1: On Our Own?

Day 1, Week 1

After I got my USA Triathlon pro/elite license in the mail last week, I went through the Ironman Pro Registration this weekend, handed over my $950 (which includes all Ironman branded races for the year + stupid Active fees) and filled out a form listing all my “support personnel.” Which, honestly, after I listed Hillary, I … More Day 1, Week 1

My Life Rules

Generally, I’m not big on rules. I know this is shocking. But rule-following just isn’t a high priority of mine. Actually, that’s pretty much why I decided ultimately not to go to West Point. Like, let’s all recognize our own personal strengths — and obeying orders isn’t one of mine. (Instead, I went to UC … More My Life Rules

A Fun Story: Part 2

Since that weird bump on the side of my neck didn’t go away, I ended up at the dermatologist last week. Turns out it’s a benign mass of scar tissue or basically, official diagnosis, Kona hates me. No problem, said the dermatologist, we’ll just inject a little steroid right there and it should clear up. … More A Fun Story: Part 2

In Case You Were Wondering Where All My Random Thoughts About Triathlon Have Gone

I’ve been writing a blog for WiSP on insider-y type triathlon stuff. If you want to read my thoughts about all things triathlon. In other items: We also started co-hosting a podcast, Locker Room Talk. It’s actually not terrible (I promise), though this most recent episode I sounded weirdly spastic and said “like” like way … More In Case You Were Wondering Where All My Random Thoughts About Triathlon Have Gone