Ironman Training Week 9: Feb. 17-23

Newfound confidence this week, probably stemming from 1. having four more weeks before my Ironman now and 2. actually doing a lot of training without sucking at it.

I’ve finally stacked a number of solid weeks on top of each other, which add up to one of the most high-volume and solid blocks of training in a long time. Of course, this also means I’m nearly constantly on the verge of exhaustion and injury. As is the custom. So, let’s all keep our fingers crossed I don’t, like, become incapable of walking. Also, the amount of training and focus on this whole Ironman thing has made getting other stuff done — ie. work — challenging, though also the problem may really just be that I AM OWED A LOT OF MONEY. And, life crises, etc, etc.


Rest. And worked in the city while everyone else was skiing and President’s Daying or whatever people do on these fake holidays.


Rode an hour easy on the dirt with my road bike. Was going to swim, but called it. Did a video yoga routine instead. Except, honestly, I’m too lazy to even watch the video on the TV, so I try to just remember it from before and watch Law and Order instead.


Ran 9 miles or so as: jog to track, 2 x 1.5 miles descending each 800m, 8 x 200m fast-like, jog home. The 1.5 miles were semi-successful. The goal was to descend, so that it went first 800m in 3:20, next in 3:10, then 3:00. I did 3:17, 3:08, 3:02, which is close enough that I considered it basically the same. But, the second one was not even sort of the same: 3:16, 3:11, 3:08. Oops. Of course, even after I supposedly COULD NOT POSSIBLY RUN ANY FASTER, I still managed to run all the 200s in 39-41 seconds. Why? Because, in comparison to Ironman athletes, speed is definitely not my weakness. Muscular endurance? That’s more of a problem.

In the later afternoon/evening I biked the 15′ over to the gym, did 20′ of core and PT work. Then, swam 2,500 yards. For some reason the set I decided to write myself was IM 75s (ie. 100 IM but minus the last 25 yards of free). Not sure why I did that, but it was relatively exhausting.


Rode 3:00 in the morning, around Nicasio Reservoir, out to Point Reyes Station and back. It’s about 43 miles, give or take, and I rode it a steady up-tempo pace. I didn’t throw any hard efforts or low-cadence work in because I figured my legs were shot enough and you can’t beat them down all the time. Most of the ride was actually spent trying to figure out why my right leg, despite appearing to be straight on my bike, gets a pinched nerve from the seat the longer I ride and starts to shoot pain down my hamstring/calf. It is incredibly frustrating. [In my other life, the one where I make money, I’ve also been working on a story for months about West Marin and Pt. Reyes and stuff. It’s been a very, very, very long project. I hadn’t been through the actual town of Pt. Reyes for probably a month or two and just riding through town made me want to start punching a pillow or screaming in the shower or shaking a baby or whatever people do to relieve stress. So, good times.]

Crossfitted in the evening with so many squats. All the squats.

Then, swam 1,000 yards easy and sat in the hot tub.


Ran 2.5 miles at something under 9:00 pace. It was supposed to be 4-6 miles, plus drills. But, oh man, that wasn’t happening.

Swam 3,000 yards with the main set as 3 x [5 x 100 steady tempo]


Rode around 36 miles with Steve. The only real goal was to get in some decent miles and have tired legs for –>

Ran 6.5 miles with 4 x 3′ at 6:30 pace, except really it was 6:22 pace one direction and 6:30 pace the other. Why? Because false flats are amazing.


Swam 3,900 at PacWest practice with lots of pulling and 200s and 250s and some really shitty butterfly.

Followed that right up with a dehydrating 1:52 trail run. OK, yes, I should have brought water with me and I actually had an empty handheld water bottle in the car. But, in my defense, I was running from the high school, down the bike path, to the trailhead where there are bathrooms and stables and lots of people, then down the trail past a picnic area. Most of the time, at least around here, those things would mean there’d be water spickets. (Which, by the way, WordPress is not recognizing as a word, but then it didn’t recognize WordPress as a word either. So, not exactly foolproof.) However, evidently, this was not good logic this time around. There was no water. I also ended up running way farther up, up, up the Coastal Trail than I intended and then, at that point, it’s faster to just keep going around the loop. By 1:30 into the run I was trying to see if it really is possible to drink your own spit by swallowing. But — and here is the big difference between this training block and times in years past when I would have just laid down on the side of the trail — I finished the run. And, then I wanted a smoothie. But, the Whole Foods right there doesn’t sell smoothies. So, instead, I bought the biggest Odwalla you’ve ever seen. Drinking over 600 calories of Odwalla after a surprisingly hot, sunny run is not a recipe to feeling awesome. In case you were wondering.

TOTAL: 16:05

Thursday I’m leaving for Training Camp 1 of 2. In which we cram this training volume into four days and then I break for three days and do it again. There’s a pretty good chance I won’t make it. Or, that it would be stupid to make it. I’m resting hard right now and then going to do my best to be smart. And, to remember that winning camp doesn’t matter. But, I’m not entirely pessimistic, which is saying a lot.

Ironman Training Week 8: Feb 10-16

It probably says something about the volume I generally maintain that this week was close to one of my biggest weeks ever. 14:40 is not really that big volume, especially not for Ironman triathletes. But, I’m not a big volume person, so I almost always averaged more like 12-14 hours. The fact that I’m handling not just the slightly higher volume, but that I’m also able to build on it and that it’s not easy shit volume but is mostly quality, makes me feel relatively good about where I’m at. And, my body is holding up better than I would have hoped. I’m exhausted, sure, but then I recover. Like how it’s supposed to work.


OFF. I considered swimming. I also considered running. But, it was a rest day.


Biked 38 miles via my favorite Marin cycling route. Rode it moderately hard, averaging like 140-something watts before I started the descent, particularly pushed the two 20′ climbs, and it was possibly the first time I’ve done that whole ride under three hours. Also, in case anyone was wondering: Ridgecrest is closed to cars because of a mudslide. (I suppose technically it’s closed to bikes too. And, not that I’m a rulebreaker — except I totally am — but theoretically if you went around the gate and rode it on a Tuesday morning it’d be amazingly empty with awesome views.)

Swam 1,000 yards easy. And did a short yoga routine in the evening.


Ran 9 miles with 4 miles or so progressing tempo. I think I ran them as like just under 8:00, 7:38, 7:19, 7:03, or something. I was dying though. 7:03 does not equal current marathon pace. And, then, my left calf did this weird seizing up/feeling like it’s ripping thing that it does sometimes.

TRX class right after that run was Rough. I definitely sort of faked my way through it.

Then, swam 1,200 yards easy. Super easy.


Biked 20 miles to the ferry, to the KQED office and back. Overall it was an easy pace (like 90W), but some of it was quite spirited — of the ‘agh, going to miss the ferry’ variety.


Sometimes you have to know when to call it. It’s an art. I had planned to swim. But, then, Steve had the car, so I thought I’d bike to the JCC. Except somewhere in my head I decided it’d make more sense to get in an easy run and just run to the JCC. Then, as I headed out the door I realized it’s not exactly 2.5-3 miles each way; it’s like 4 miles each way. And, then, as I ran, I also realized I felt like shit. Called it. Instead, ran a 4 mile easy loop around the mall and then did a Yoga routine and stretched and rolled.


Ran 2:00 on the trails (my favorite Marin run) with Ilyce, which was probably around 14 miles. I have no idea, though. I didn’t wear a GPS. It wasn’t that kind of run. And, I felt surprisingly fine. Tired. But, no pain or problems. Massive relief.

Followed that up with light core and light lifting. And, swam 1,600 yards easy.


Swam 3,300 yards with PacWest. It was not my most amazing swimming ever, but I did it. Lots of 200s in the low 2:50s. EVERYONE was at the Tam pool on Sunday morning. Basically, if you’re a triathlete in Marin, then you were there.

Biked 19 miles from Tam around Paradise Drive, moderately easy around 110W and doing some cadence drills — ie. low and high cadence.

Then, followed the bike with a short 30′ run — 10′ easy then 8 x 1′ hard, 1′ easy. It was supposed to be 10 x 1′ but, well, close enough.

TOTAL: 14:40


Ironman Training Week 5: Jan. 20-26

Hey, look, I’m posting this on Monday like would actually make sense for the previous week. What is that about??

The prompt-ish posting is pretty much about having an easy day and a couple rest days now that I finally got through a big(ger) week of training. Feeling very proud of myself, which may or may not be warranted, but at least things are starting to come together. However, a downside of actually training was that it turns out training is slightly fatiguing. I was wiped out last week, even when I didn’t feel like I was. It took me until Thursday to figure out why I was having the hardest time focusing and getting work done — because I constantly just wanted to take a nap.


I was about to cry (ok, I may have actually been crying) over a story that is killing me. So, instead, I ran just over 8 miles with 4 x mile repeat in the middle. It was nasty, just slow and shitty and painful. I ran 6:26, 6:25, 6:28 and 6:31. Since my plan was to run them in the mid-6:30s, I should be happy, but I was mostly just annoyed at how painful it was and how easy it had been to run the same thing so much faster just three months ago. I still wanted to cry after I was done.

Nate’s Crossfit class with Steve. Lots of stretching work and squats and push-ups and pull-ups and other stuff. Then, it turned out the gym was closed for MLK day, because MLK wouldn’t want you to go to the gym, so no swimming.


OFF. In the city for work.


Ran long and easy, except it wasn’t that easy. I had been planning on running up at the lakes, in one of my favorite loops, but decided last minute just to run up Mt. Baldy instead and stand at the top with my arms out and yelling into the wind. Didn’t wear a watch. It was about 1:20 according to my car clock (minus approximate time spent re-enacting Titanic) and I’d guess 9 miles with 1,500 ft elevation or something. And, also, I was sore.

Swam 1,500y very easy after that, followed up with some stretching and yoga stuff.


Biked 32 miles slightly uptempo, which took 2:27, with 4 x 5′ hill repeats at a moderately hard pace (170-180W). It was a bit before my legs warmed up, but eventually they came around. Eventually.

Ran 4 miles easy in the evening just around the neighborhood. Revived the old iPod shuffle and for the first time in ever I didn’t dread my second workout. I may need to invest in some good headphones and buy one of those actually decent little $50 shuffles, instead of my 8-year-old one. Followed up with drills and strides.

Closed the night out with 20′ of core and PT work.


I was Tired. Biked very slowly the 30′ to College of Marin for swimming, swam 2,900 yards at Masters with lots of IM and all that Masters kind of swimming stuff. Then, biked very slowly 30′ more to work from there. It turns out I was bike VERY SLOWLY, because it was only like 11.5 miles in 1:05.


Ran just under 10.5 miles with Ilyce as: warm-up over the hill and then 7 x 5′ back and forth on Lucas Valley Rd. at 6:40 pace, which really ended up being 6:34, 6:36, 6:43, 6:38, 6:28, 6:40, 6:46 or something like that. Ilyce was fully introduced to the joys of running the false flat path. ‘I’m doing amazing!’ Turn around. ‘Shit, I’m going to throw up on myself.’ It’s a good thing she was there, though. I was feeling pretty bad during the 3rd and 4th ones — in fact we had to take a bathroom break after the 4th — and I don’t think it’s likely I would have done all seven by myself.

Took an hour to get moving/play with Tupac the Cat before I went to the gym to do some very light PT and swim 1,000 yards easy.


Despite being out until almost midnight the night before, I made it to swim practice Sunday morning. THAT’S HOW ON IT I WAS THIS WEEK! Swam 4,000 yards with PacWest crew, with main set of 8 x 125 (50 easy, 25 fast, 50 steady) and 8 x 150 (50 easy, 50 fast, 50 steady). My arms didn’t want to move by the end, but I kept up a steady 1:23-27 pace.

Rode 19 miles moderately easy around Paradise with a girl from swimming. I swear I am not making this up: we were passed by probably 50 people on bikes. And, then, when I stopped at Rustic Bakery on the way home to get a quick lunch, every single other person who had ridden a bike that morning was hanging out at the bakery. Stupid nice weather.

TOTAL: 14:25

Volume is a weird concept. What counts, what doesn’t. But, by pretty much any count, last week was bigger than previous weeks (1, 2, 3 and 4). It was also a decent amount of not easy work. Hopefully, that adds up when it counts. And, I may explain soon my logic behind the shorter harder v. longer easier stuff.

Ironman Training Week 4: Jan. 13-19

I think I’m back. I mean, let’s not jinx it or anything, but I did manage an actual entire week of training without anything too terrible happening.

Also, it turns out that having had two weeks off + two weeks of flu that was supposed to be getting back into things + bike and car accidents, I am now officially out of shape. It officially sucks.


Rode 1:20. I didn’t have a computer on my bike, so it’s like it didn’t even happen. Was really just trying to 1. ride easy to see if I felt any better after the car bullshit and 2. get some things done that had to get done but we didn’t have a car because of the car bullshit.


Rode 2:00 in the morning moderately hard, since the massive 1:20 easy ride didn’t suck. It was about 30 miles (but, come on, I live by hills) with 2 x 10′ of tempo at 175 watts or so. Only, I may not be in the most amazing shape ever because after the second 10′ effort my heartrate went up and it never exactly came back down. And did 2 x 5′ of high cadence, which also made my heartrate skyrocket.

25′ or so of core + PT. (Actually 40′ or core + PT + watching TV, so you know.)

Rode another 20′ easy to pick up rental car.

Swam 1,000 yards easy.


After having a not-small panic attack Tuesday night about everything I had to do on Wednesday and also not going to sleep until 12:45 or something, I revised my training plan for the morning. TRX class — during which I’m pretty sure I didn’t say a single word, not being in the best mood ever — and swam 1,2500 yards mostly easy. The main highlight was that I swam a 1:17 without killing myself. Not multiple 1:17s, just one, but it’s a start.


Ran 8.25 miles with 2 x 10′ at 6:40-41 pace and then 6:43-45 pace (not deliberately slower on the second, just wasn’t holding onto it). This was actually supposed to be 2 x 15′ and it was actually supposed to be on Wednesday morning. But, shit happens. And, being out of shape happens. Oh man, that really happens.

Did some Yoga, stretching, etc.


Ran 4.75 miles easy on the most boringest Bay Trail ever behind the Target after getting a body work estimate on the car bullshit. Did drills and strides. Almost had my legs collapse under me because my right butt muscle is so sore. Did not know why.

Swam 3,000 yards with a main set that I had planned on being 3 x [5 x 100] steady pace. I did the first five in like 1:25-26 and then I tried to do the second five as IMs. But, it turns out my shoulder/neck is mostly ok from the car bullshit, but not ok enough that it wants to do butterfly. Abandoned that and went back to swimming 100s free in 1:25. Felt tired and exhausted and like I was swimming like shit, but they all kept being 1:25. This is possibly the slowest I have swum in four or five years, but it’s not the slowest I have ever swum. So.


Light PT and Yoga.


Rode 32 miles, 2:00 with Steve in Napa, which included a long moderately hard climb (and a long descent) and a whole lot of working really hard to stay on his wheel.

Swam 1,850 yards easy while all the footballling was happening.

TOTAL: 12:35

Not bad. About three weeks behind schedule, but not bad.

Ironman Training Week 2: Dec. 30-Jan. 5

Last week was supposed to the the second and final of the ‘easing back into training’ weeks. It was also the second and (hopefully) final of the being super sick weeks. After the first week of doing very little and resting, I mostly felt better last week — except for one small, minor problem. I couldn’t stop coughing.

So, there wasn’t much to do except do what I could do. It was a very slow, very not up to par week. Hard to remember that I was in pretty good shape a month ago? Hard to imagine I’ll be in decent shape again?


Ran another painfully easy, trying to just move, 5 miles — this time in the hills above my house.

Swam 1500y easy. All focused on trying to see if I was still sick, if getting off the couch helped at all. Verdict remained out.


Swam 3000y. 3000 YARDS! That’s the most I’ve swum in one workout since October maybe, who knows, who counts that high. I also included one of my standard test sets (which I think originally came from Jen Harrison) — for time 1000y continuous as 100 hard/100 easy. It took me 15:11. That is, for better or worse, not the slowest I’ve ever done it. But, it’s close. It is the slowest I’ve ever done it while feeling like I was killing myself the entire time. Was surprised that I managed to stay afloat.


I fully intended to bike 2:30. Really. Swear. But, see, when snot is coming out of your face so fast and thick that you can’t even stop it all, it sort of makes biking more challenging than it needs to be. I made it 20′ before I had to stop at a gas station and run for some tissue. While in the gas station bathroom I made an executive decision. Biked 18 miles instead with only two more nose-blowing stops.

15′ of light core/PT/etc.


Ran 6.5 miles easy at China Camp. It was not awful, which was unexpected and exciting. Did drills and strides in between coughing fits.

35′ or so of strength work at the gym. I fully intended to swim after. Really. Swear. But, see, I didn’t feel like it. Reasoned that I really am trying not to push it as I was getting better and still coughing everywhere. Lots and lots of coughing. So much coughing. Coughing that makes people nervous and anxious and worried you’re going to choke to death.


Slept in, which was good, and almost didn’t have to take multiple doses of Nyquil. Almost. Biked easily the 15′ over to the gym and swam an easy 1000y. Really just an effort to leave the house once during the day and change out of my pajamas — even if it was just into sweats.


Ran 8 miles with PacWest up and over the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field. This was not my most best smartest decision ever, but I wanted to run with the group. But, I had been coughing so badly — especially in the mornings and especially before and after workouts — that I hella freaked people out. Like really freaked everyone out. Like, in the visitors center at the bridge, some tourists got to see the wonderful additional view of me choking and trying not to cough so hard I threw up, which has happened more than a few times in the last two weeks. Did drills and strides at Crissy Field after to the bewilderment of many more tourists.

Napped all afternoon.


Rode 17 miles easy. Felt ok. So there. Napped all afternoon.

TOTAL: 8:45

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

Ironman Training Week 1: Dec. 23-29

I always think it’s weird when people do their training logs as “week 3” or “week 17” – because like week 17 of what? Life? People used to ask me all the time what I was training for when I had a huge schedule of races and I’d never know what to say. “To get fast?” Training starts, it stops, it starts again.

But, with Ironman I have a very specific goal circled on the calendar. And, week one was last week. I have 26 more weeks until IM CDA. This whole counting down thing may end up stressing the shit out of me. Here it goes.


Mountain biked 1:40 on the 680 Trail. Fell down some rocks, which was problematic since I was half way through and far from home. I also almost hit a cow.

Feldenkrais class. It’s sort of like PT/Yoga/stretching. Not sure if I can explain it or if it was beneficial.


SICK, watched TV


Biked 42 miles with some friends to Pt. Reyes Station. I still felt stuffed up and sort of sick but, other than having to blow my nose a lot, I was fine. Fine-ish. It was still a longer ride than I’ve done in a bit.

Some light core and stretching and yoga stuff after.


Crossfit after work. I just tried to take it light to get moving and get some strength. But, I am terrible at jumping rope and I probably should have rested more before trying to do anything hard.

On another note: Crossfitters don’t take jokes about Crossfit well. The coach was explaining that they have this one workout where they don’t do any of the Metabolic Conditioning, running, aerobic stuff — just lifting. And, I joked, “Cause if there’s one thing Crossfit has too much of, it’s running.” They didn’t think it was funny.


Feeling sick again. Or, rather, didn’t ever stop feeling sick. It’s up and down. Stuffed up, no sore throat. Sore throat, not stuffed up. Cough, cough, cough.


Ran 4 miles easy the slowest I have possibly ever run 4 miles + drills + core work and PT, etc. It was not fun.

TOTAL: 7:40

A less than stellar start. And the bummer is: I’m still hacking and stuffed up and taking so much Nyquil that it’s giving me the shakes and I had to Google ‘Nyquil overdose.’ But, it’s also getting better some times. It’s hard to tell what to do. I know you can train when it’s above your neck and I know you should rest, but I also have a history of developing a cough that hangs on for weeks, which isn’t something you can do anything about. The only obvious thing is that this two-week break has sucked.

Training Week: Dec. 16-22

Last week was the end of my “off-season” and the beginning of starting to think about training. It was a mixed bag.


Biked about 12-13 miles easy to the ferry, to the office and back.


Biked 14 miles home from working in Mill Valley, which included stops at 1. the bookstore, 2. Best Buy (worst place in the world in the weeks before Christmas) and 3. Safeway. And, I may have gotten a little overambitious in all the stuff I bought at Safeway.


Whoa, slow down, let’s not got nuts on the working out. Rest day/lots of shit to do day.


35′ or so of basic strength work at the gym and swam 1400y.


Yoga. Except it was very boring yoga and was basically a slow stretching class with a lot of “feeling the earth beneath our feet.”


I intended to go for a bike ride, but instead I ended up at Best Buy again (ugh), Safeway and two separate shopping centers — all non-Christmas related and all a mistake.


Yeah, no.

Today marks the official start of Ironman Training. I suspect I will get very boring now and do nothing but ride my bike and go to bed early. And probably cry. I suspect there will be more than a few times I start crying.

Training Week: Nov. 18-24

Who knows. Who KNOWS. Did I mention coaching yourself can be stressful and cause a lot of self-induced panic?


Ran 8.75 miles with 6 x 5′ at 6:41, 6:40, 6:25, 6:38, 6:28, 6:33. The ones in the 6:20s were actually the easiest because of the false flat of the long path, so that one way is slightly downhill and one is up. Also, I guess I eventually got in a groove.


Rain. God I hate the rain. Tried to bike to the ferry, but failed. Turned around after getting soaked, which totaled like 30′ of biking. Then, took the bus to cross-country practice, because I didn’t feel like getting wet again. But, with some kind of accident and traffic, it took an hour. AN HOUR. I’m not making this up, I can run from my house to the high school in 40′. After I finally got there, ran about 3.5 miles easy with the kids.


TRX class, which was surprisingly hard and ab-aching.

Swam 1,600y easy after, with a handful of hard 100s thrown in.


Crossfit class in the morning. I deadlifted 160 lbs. That seems like a lot to me, but I guess it’s not? Then, we did like a set of stuff that involved a lot of overhead presses (which I’m terrible at ever since I slammed a bar into my mouth and bit through my lip) and a lot of sit-ups (which were awful with how much my abs hurt from TRX).


Ran 20 miles. It’s a combination of my favorite running route, plus running up and over the hill from my house into San Anselmo, then hooking up at Phoenix Lake, watershed, back down to Deer Park, through Fairfax and back over the hill. It was rough and slow and felt awful. But, I did manage a couple 7:30s and even a bit of that at 7:00 at the end, so I suppose that’s encouraging, even if it felt really hard.


The beat-up-ed-ness prompted a revised schedule. Biked 25′ or so to pick up the car, then ran around the high school sectional meet to watch — mostly SPRINT, jog, walk, SPRINT.


Did not make it to the race I intended to make it to. Mountain biked the 680 Trail instead, which amounted to about 1:40 of riding — some of it really hard, the kind where I have to lean way over the front of my bike to stop it from tipping, and some of it not so hard. If you haven’t been to the trail, you should try it. And, yes, you will feel like you’re lost.

Not bad overall? Maybe?

TOTAL: 10:05

Mile Repeats: The Running Test of Truth?

Pretty much no matter what you’re training for, you’ll do a workout of mile repeats. It’s just a fact, a standard of running. (Though I suppose ultrarunners probably avoid the mile repeats; it might be unnecessary. I dunno.)

Mile repeats are hard to fake. To a degree, I can fake 400s for a long time, though I might regret it later, and I can barrel and pray my way through long tempos beyond my real fitness. But, mile repeats — especially mile repeats done on the track, where the numbers are the numbers, not the numbers are relayed through a satellite and interfered with by trees and may be the numbers or may be something else entirely — can not be anything but your actual fitness. You can fake one, maybe two mile repeats, but you can’t fake them all.

This morning I did 4 x mile repeats with a 200m(ish) jog/walk/shuffle in between. I had no idea what they would be like or how fast I could go. My plan was 4-5 miles at 6:25ish pace. I wasn’t 100% sure how do-able that’d be. I sort of thought just keep it under 6:30, do the 4th one as a tempo 6:45-50 mile — something we do with the high school kids at practice to break up intervals, just get through it. But, then I did the first mile in 6:10, while dodging a PE class walking laps.

And, yes, a mile on the track is 1600m, not 1609m, so yes, it’s like 2″ short. But, still. That’s fast.

In this kind of workout, where I have no specific pace goal, I don’t like to slow down after the first one. If I went too fast, then I went too fast, but it’s time to find out if I can hold on. So, I did the next one in 6:11. And, it was hard, like I was running in tight armored pants, dragging my legs along. It was also really obvious this was going to be a battle, a real test of if I could gut it. Coach made an executive decision then and decided just four, not five, just four repeats, all under 6:15. Come on.

I was definitely muttering to myself at the start line, while the high school PE class (not the high school I coach at, the one right by my house) all stared at me like I was crazy. But, they already thought I was crazy. I did the third in 6:14. Going out slower and trying to pick it up on the second half was NOT easier.

Then, the last one. I was already wrecked. Anything under 6:20 is fast for me, is closer to 5K pace than anything I plan on racing soon. I slapped my legs a little, told them to pull it together. Once I started running it was a fight, a real nose over the line on which would happen first: I’d finish or I’d shit myself. I finished. The last lap I was killing myself, holding back the vomit, to try and keep it under 6:15. I crossed in 6:15.

And, then I was Done. And, it is three hours later and I haven’t gotten so much work completed. I may be Done for the day. But, I know I can run 6:10-6:15s now. I know. Test of truth.