Race Directing is Hard

This is what my car looked like at 7 am this morning.

How much can you load in a Jetta wagon?
How much can you load in a Jetta wagon?

I am in charge of this small race for the Tamalpa running club. It’s called the Couples Relays, because two partners — male and female — each have to run two miles. It’s never more than about 50-75 couples, but we have all kinds of prizes and divisions (age, kids with parents, kids with kids, married, open). And, because it’s pretty small I just do most of it. I sort of doubt the race director for big races actually shove everything in their car, but it’s easier.

This year I just didn’t have time to spend a ton of work on the race, so I didn’t. And, a lot of people helped out and it went smoothly.

But, my least favorite thing about race directing isn’t the organizing. I can make checklists and to-do lists and spreadsheets and checklists like it’s my fucking job. But, I am terrible at being constantly enthusiastic, which is sort of required to get people to sign up and come and be into it. Any job that requires constant excitement is probably not for me. Similarly we can rule out cruise director or professional scavenger hunt organizer.