Plantar Fasciitis: What I’ve Tried So Far

It turns out my foot hurting is probably plantar fasciitis, which is convenient/ironic because ‘how to avoid plantar fasciitis’ happens to be the story I’m working on for Competitor this week. (Fortunately, I didn’t get Achilles tendonitis last week working on that story.)

I’m not 100% sure plantar fasciitis is what it is. It didn’t have all the classic signs at first and the extreme pain came about from a cramp that I overstretched/over-rolled, which isn’t normal. But, whatever you call it, it appears that now the plantar fascia are definitely messed up. As I was doing research both for the story and for my own personal problems, it turns out everyone on the internet has their own solution. Some people were able to run through the pain when they got new shoes, others with taping their arch, others were fine after ART. I definitely am planning to run through the pain as long as I can manage the pain and if I can figure out what works for me, so I’m trying different things. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • ART/chiro — which, combined with this electro-stim, totally made the pain disappear
  • electrostim machine
  • rolling and stretching the calf muscle
  • rolling and stretching the arch of the foot
  • KT tape on the arch of the foot
  • icing
  • rest
  • anti-inflammatory patches
  • arch support and orthodics in all my shoes

It sort of has helped. It sort of hasn’t. I ran today and it was fine, but sore. Now, it’s really painful. My plan moving forward is: more massage and ART/chiro, stretching and rolling everyday with Yoga routine, rolling out arch of foot, icing arch of foot, walking in only supported shoes, hardcore taping (instead of KT tape) for running and working out, pulling back on the running, and possibly trying other shoes.