Last Long Run Before CIM

Things that were bad about my 20-miler yesterday:

  • It was almost two weeks after it was supposed to be
  • My toe did not feel great
  • I got crazy blisters because I had to wear old shoes that make my toe at least feel ok
  • Like, crazy blisters
  • For two weeks left until CIM, it did not feel as good as I would have hoped
  • In fact, it felt awful
  • And, significantly slower than in previous training cycles
  • My right hamstring and calf seized up so badly that, as soon as I stopped running, I could barely walk
  • My toe feels even less great today after running around the high school cross-country sectional meet

Things were good about my 20-miler:

  • It happened.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to chalk that up as a victory at this point, put our head down and hope it all comes together for CIM. Hopefully.