Am I Losing My Shit?

My mom sent me this on Facebook. In this analogy, I am the owl.
My mom sent me this on Facebook. In this analogy, I am the owl.

Yeah, maybe.

On July 29, I move to LA. People keep asking me if I’m all packed up. My reaction to this is basically the same as my reaction to all those questions people kept asking before our wedding: Oh my god, aren’t you so stressed? Isn’t it so hard to pick out all the details? Did you hire a planner? That reaction, in case you were wondering, is that I want to be like ‘Hi, I’m Kelly. Have we met.’

What would I wear for the next two weeks if I had packed? And, how would I even find stuff for my Ironman? And, oh yeah, there is an Ironman first you know, after which I’m home for about 18 hours before flying to LA, so what exactly am I supposed to pack? The one suitcase I’m bringing with me? Because, anyway, I’m coming home after the first three week orientation and driving back down with more stuff — which won’t even be all my stuff, because OH YEAH, it’s only 10 months and Steve is staying up here, so. Hi, I’m Kelly, have we even met.

There has been a decent amount of stuff to do to get ready for USC, though. Stuff like filling out paperwork, and figuring out IMAP settings for my email account, and signing up for half my classes and wondering why the other half are full already and realizing that means I’ll have to hope my powers of persuasion are as good with professors as they are with security guards.

Mostly, though, I’ve been worrying more about the Ironman first. There are a lot of things to worry about. Why is the internal hydration system impossible to get inside my Shiv (*my fancy bike, mom)? If I decide not to use it because I hate drinking out of straws, even if I can get it installed eventually, then where will I put extra water bottles? If I put the extra bottle on the frame, so I can access it better than on the back of the seat, then that’ll take the place of the aero-fuel-box that’s on the frame, so where will I store food? If I put food in between the bars, because a regular bento box won’t fit, then where will I put my computer? It’s like a more annoying and less cute version of ‘if you give a mouse a cookie.’

I also tried to work double last month, so when I get paid for that work in August (when I won’t be working), I’ll have money to buy stuff like food. This plan may not be working out great, though, because last week I worked three tiring days straight at the county fair, then was in the mountains for three days, then my sister visited for three days, and then I had to take a nap before we go to a wedding for three days. Today, I finally finished one story that was super overdue. Tomorrow, I have to finish the other. (Sorry, Mario, I promise, it’s coming.) This is exhausting.

Which brings us to what I’m mostly freaking out about. I do not feel ready for an Ironman. I feel exhausted. Of course, I’m used to feeling shitty right before a race, but not two weeks before, more like 1 to 4 days before. I haven’t even really started tapering. I just recovered last week from my big training block, then messed myself up at elevation running with Steve. And, now, I can barely run and swam terrible yesterday and my legs hurt and I think I need another nap. My current plan to solve this problem and the problem of having a stomachache for two weeks is to eat lots of red meat. And more vegetables. And less beer. And definitely less wine. Like Paleo, but still with some beer and chocolate-covered Oreos.

So, no, I haven’t packed yet.

Ironman Training Week 27: June 23-29

Last big week in the books! One more big run, some rest, tapering, and then we’re there. So close. All you can do at this point is fuck it up.


Ran 4.5 miles easy, in the hills above my house. Did some light core and PT work. Still very tired from the all-day bike ride.


Rode 1:30/25 miles in the morning with some tempo work and low cadence and high cadence and drills. It was relatively easy, but not that easy.

Swam 2,000 yards moderate in the evening with a decent amount of paddles-pull buoy-band.


Ran 17 or so miles. It was terrible. First time I’ve run with the new iPod that I finally got to work and I may have already trashed the stupid earbuds. And, it only played the same 20 songs over and over. Totally worth it. Mostly, it was terrible, though, because my left leg got all kinds of locked up and knotted. The bone spur on my left big toe is pretty bad and I think I’ve started running on the outside of my foot to compensate, which is stressing everything down the chain of my leg. Also, I tried to descend the last four miles, got down to 7:30 and then shuffled it in.


Swam 800 yards easy and did some light yoga.


Ran 6 miles in Sac, actually on a decent trail, and followed it with drills and strides in the parking lot.

Then, swam in Lake Natomas, which was awesome. Probably the first time in a long, long time that I didn’t spend the whole open water swim time wondering if I could get out yet. It was clear and cool, compared to the heat, and I just got in one of the rowing lanes and followed the buoys. I think I did a bit over a mile in 26 minutes or so. Not bad.


Swam 6,000 yards at Masters in the morning. Bad news: Getting up at 7 a.m. when you get home at midnight is not a good way to start your workout. Good news: I can still sprint at the end of two hours of swimming, even after that.


The Big Workout.

5:05 riding with Steve, out Chileno Valley to Tomales, back over Marshall and through Hicks Valley. Pretty hard.

Ran 12 1/4 miles with the 10 x 1 mile mostly in the 7:30s, one in 7:55, one in mid-7:20s.

TOTAL: 16:20

Saturday, when we were at a house party after the beer fest, everyone kept telling me I look really fit. I think it’s because I was wearing a tanktop and my arms are oddly buff right now. So, at least I look ready to go. I feel 80% ready. Just need to walk the line between recovering and staying in shape now.

How Do You Know You Can Finish Ironman?

Yesterday, after being gone for work all day Thursday and Friday and somehow ending up at a beer fest Saturday and being completely painfully exhausted from how much work I’ve been trying to cram in before I disappear on my wedding-Ironman-grad school extravaganza, yesterday, I did my last big hard key workout for IM Canada. (Lots of people keep acting all shocked that my biggest key workout would be four weeks before the race. Um, well, I am going to still work out. This was just the last big 6+ hours put in the bank.)

Steve promised to ride five hours with me, which is sort of a way for me to guarantee that it’ll be hard. Not that I don’t ride hard on my own, but trying to keep up with Steve is another kind of hard. Only he doesn’t have cranks or a chain ring or, I dunno, stuff on his road bike, so he decided to ride the mountain bike while I rode my TT. This is fine. Obviously, he’s faster than me and it sort of just equalizes things by giving him a handicap, so he isn’t constantly asking me if it’s too easy while I’m trying not to throw up. Except, with the wind, it equalized it more than he expected. I was all aerodynamic and tucked and he was sitting up on a mountain bike on Highway 1 out in Tomales. So, it sort of became a contest to see if I could keep the foot on the pedal and make it hurt him.

I was dying the last hour. It was exhausting. But, we finish home on a long false flat downhill through the valley. If you’re tucked and aero, you can really hammer. I put an effort out there just to see if I could drop him. (Which he totally knew I was going to do, btw, because he took the winding downhill into the valley really aggressive just to gap me at the start.)

Basically, we got home after 5:05 and 2350 kilojoules and I just wanted to lay down.

But, it was time to run. I jogged the 17′ over the hill/trail to the valley. And, then did 10 x 1 mile back and forth. It was just supposed to be slightly faster than goal IM pace, which is 8:00. Actually, my real IM goal is just to keep it in the 8’s (sub-9:00 miles) after whenever the blow-up comes. But, 8:00 is the “goal.” So, I was going to do the miles at 7:40-45. This felt really slow and I tried to keep it easy. But, I did them too fast, the first 5-6 in 7:30s, high-7:20. One direction is a false flat downhill, about 140 feet change over the 1.5 miles; the other direction was into the wind and shitty. I was dying. In the middle of the 7th mile, I had a meltdown. I walked. The only reason I started jogging again was to get back to the car and then, when I realized my jogging pace wasn’t that much slower than my goal pace, I slowly picked it back up and ended up doing about 3/4 of a mile in 7:55 pace. I told Steve I was done. (I had convinced him to drive over to the valley to bring me water and gels.) He said instead of doing one mile out and then one back, which was killing me on the shitty back direction, just to go a half-mile out and then come back, get some water at the car, and see how many more I could do.

I did two more in 7:37, 7:48. And, then I laid down by the car and told Steve I was really done. I was so thirsty and tired and done.


He said I wasn’t really that far off my goal pace, so I should probably just do the last one. I did. I ran 7:34 in the down direction and then Steve drove me home.

Everything hurt. My arms and legs literally hurt to the touch. Taking a shower hurt. I couldn’t even sleep well last night, because it hurt.

Craig had told me, back at the start of all this, that if I could do this workout 4-6 weeks before Ironman, then I could do Ironman. I clung to that a bit as a guide in this blind training process. And, I did it. Sort of. Which is probably a good summary of how Ironman will go — as in I’m still not 100% sure. And, it actually was all very metaphorical of things we learned about how this race will likely go:

1. Don’t start out too fast at the beginning, even if it feels stupid slow.
2. I will almost definitely have a meltdown (or two) at some point. That doesn’t mean I can’t keep going.
3. When I decide I’m done, I’ll probably need someone to tell me I’m not really done. Maybe multiple times.

Ironman Training Week 26: June 16 – 22

This week was a big week, which seems logical. We’re five weeks to go, so I sort of should be hitting the big training this past week and this upcoming one. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to make it all fit together from here, which races to do, how to fit that with which big workouts that are left, how to get ready to go and rested at the same time, how to sort out all the details that still need to be sorted out. (Shit, I really need to get my nutrition set-up on my bike figured out.)

When I think about all the things I still have to do it seems not possible. It seems like there are so many things that can go wrong. My triathlon bike shoes have this tendency to pinch my left foot right where the bone spur is, which has gotten really big by the way and I’ll probably have to get surgery to shave it down eventually, so when I start running off the bike it’s already irritated. And, it’s an open question whether I’ll even be able to get through 26.2 miles without it becoming debilitating. So, I’m trying to figure out the best combination of shoes. And, I still can’t get the hydropack thing into the frame of the bike and the cage on the back of my bike has a tendency to eject its bottle when I hit bumps. And, man, there are just so many things.

But, then, if I just think about the training, I think ‘yeah, I can do this.’ So, we’ll see which wins out.


Swam 1,500 yards easy, with biking to and from the gym (and to a meeting, where they were a little thrown with me showing up on my bike with wet hair).


The Long Day: Rode 4:00, with about 3:10 of it reasonably uptempo — including 20′ at IM pace and another 20′ at slightly harder than IM pace. Then ran 9 miles with 7 x 1 mile, which was supposed to be 7:40-45 but were all in the 7:20s instead. By the end, it got hard. More in a legs locking up, how am I supposed to run a whole marathon, kind of way than actually hard. But, I think that’s what Ironman hard is.

Biked another 45′ or so to and from an appointment.


Holy shit I was tired. So tired. All my plans for the day had to be scratched. Swam 1,250 yards easy and did 20′ of core/PT and then some yoga and stretching.


Ran 7.5 miles at China Camp, half with Justin and Steve.


OFF. Still so tired.


Rode 116 miles, 3600 kilojoules, 8:40. The Bob.


Again, had bigger plans. But, fuck, when you’re tired, you’re tired, and you just have to give in. Swam 2,200 yards and no joke: I was swimming in the mid-1:30s. That’s like 10″/100y slower than usual. That’s a lot of seconds. It was brutal. And people were like ‘oh, it’s fine if you’re swimming slow.’ Yeah, it’s fine, but it also is probably a sign that I should get out.

Did about 15′ of yoga stuff.

TOTAL: 18:00

That’s the biggest week I’ve ever done. FYI. So watch out. Except, you know, that’s like not even that long compared to how long Ironman is going to take. Stupid Ironman.

Ironman Training Week 25: June 9 – 15

Six weeks to go until Ironman Canada. Do I feel ready? No. Am I incredibly glad I’m not doing Ironman CDA in two weeks? Yes!

This was the first weekend I wasn’t racing in the last month or so, which was nice, but wildly unproductive too. I may be a little fatigued. The long run and long ride this week felt much longer than they should have. So, eased up a little bit to make sure I recovered and then into 3-ish weeks of hard training. I’m not really on a Monday-to-Sunday schedule right now, since weeks are arbitrary anyway. But, apparently, all the rest of the world operates on a weekly schedule, so here you go:


Swam about 10′ and then did some light yoga and rolled. So much hurting from the Dipsea.


Off. Lots of dental work.


Biked the 12 miles easy back from office, stopping at the gym.

20′ of core work, PT, etc

Swam 1,500 yards easy. Very easy.


Rode 3:40. It felt long. You want to make time stand still? Do an out-and-back based on time. If you’re heading out from a set point for 45 more minutes, it will be the slowest 45 minutes ever. It was also windy and steep and windy. At first I thought I just was sucking, but looking at my power numbers I may have also been going moderately hard overall. Did 30′ as 10′ at IM pace, 10′ at half pace, 10′ at IM pace. Then did another 10′ at IM pace at the end to see how my HR was reacting. In conclusion, my heart is weird. Who knows.

About 15′ of yoga.


Swam 3,000 yards at Masters. Went to Masters for the first time in a month or so just so I could remember what swimming fast feels like. Took me about 1,300 yards to get warmed up and then I got faster as we went. Even managed a 1:17 at the end of the workout as we descended. That makes me feel a little bit more confident about not getting slower in the pool — but also who knows, because swimming is stupid.

As a reward: did not run.


Biked 25′ easy to pick up the car.

Ran 2:14 on my favorite trail loop. It felt long. Actually, it felt totally great and fun and my most favorite run route. But, then, the last three miles or so my legs felt like they were locking up.

I was going to swim, but OH MY GOD I was so tired. Then, I was going to do a strength, PT, yoga routine, but OH MY GOD I was so tired. Did 10′ of yoga stuff.


Swam 3,700 yards at PacWest Masters. Lots of steady swimming in the mid-1:20s.

45′ of strength work at the gym. Heavy lifting, squats, kettlebells, and box jumps.

TOTAL 11:55

Yeah, I’m not really on a Monday-Sunday schedule right now. So. We’ll see how I recover into the hard workout this Tuesday, few days easy, Century next week, etc, etc.



Ironman Training Week 24: June 2-8

Yeah, sorry, right, my training week from last week.

This week’s been weird, like apparently it’s Thursday already. Not exactly a busy week — except yes, busy too — but mostly just sort of weird and shit and four hours of drilling my teeth down to nubs for my new crowns and work and all that. (I did this thing where I didn’t want any of my multitude of dentist appointments on the Thursday before a race, because sometimes they take a few days for your face to stop hurting, so I’ve been making them all the Tuesday after races, because I already feel like crap, so who cares. It’s made them extra super-fun.)

I did come to the conclusion, however, on Monday or Tuesday — while working on this story about overtraining and how stress is stress and life stress can fuck you into a hole that training just keeps digging deeper — that I really messed myself up in April. After shattering my teeth, which came on top of already tearing the foot muscle and crashing the car and all that other stuff that seems so quaint and long ago, I sort of just trained through it. Because you don’t need teeth to bike and run and swim, right. So, really, it’s not shocking that I was so, so, so messed up and then sick for two weeks and then still messed up. Really it’s sort of shocking I came around at all by now.

I’m pretty happy that I switched from IM Coeur d’Alene to IM Canada. That extra four weeks is really going to be life-saving. Like actually possibly for real if I don’t pass out and die in the middle of the race, thanks to having one more month to train after all this crap.


I coach an open water swim practice, so I was in the water for about 45-50′, but probably only swam about 1,000 yards easy. In light of the fact that I was, evidently, still normal messed up from racing Alcatraz the day before, this was possibly not my best idea ever. I turned blue and could not keep my core temperature up.


Resting (and work in the city)


Ran an out-and-back on the Dipsea Trail in the evening with Pete and Ilyce and then got dinner in Mill Valley. (Pete was supposed to tell me all the secret shortcuts, but I think there really may not be that many left anymore. Or else he’s keeping them a secret.) We only went to the top of Cardiac and then came back down, so about 9 miles total in 1:30. This was possibly my second worst idea of the week, since my legs were still feeling the climbing and descending on Friday. On the other hand, though, it was good to see the trail before the race on Sunday. And, if I was a different kind of person I would have posted 17 Instagram photos of the fog and the trees. #instagood #photooftheday #blessed #lovemylife


Swam 3,000 yards easy/medium. My legs were not happy about the run the day before, so I opted instead for my first swim longer than 35′ in two weeks. It was, unshockingly, not my best swimming ever. Did 1,200 yards easy or so, some 100s and 200s in the low, mid-1:20s, then some band and paddle swimming.

30′ of core, PT work, light strength, and box jumps. (Literally, all I took away from Sami Iniken’s ‘hack your run’ thing was ‘oh yeah, I should do more box jumps.’)


Actual big ‘workout’ of the week.

Rode my 3:00 43-mile Pt. Reyes loop, except it only took 2:36. Evidently, on this TT bike it is no longer a three hour loop. Did 2 x 10′ at 170W/half-Ironman tempo, then 20′ at 140W/maybe-sorta-Ironman-pace-who-knows.

Followed by 6 1/4 mile run as 5 x mile at slightly faster than Ironman pace. The problem with hard Ironman workouts — and this is one in a series of key workouts that are building, to be clear — is that when I hear ‘hard,’ I think ‘fast.’ And, my fall-back ‘fast’ run pace is 6:45s. This is NOT slightly faster than my goal Ironman run pace. So, I kept having to slow myself down until I felt like I was jogging in place. Of course, by the end it was still exhausting and I was dripping sweat and my sunburn was already showing. Because that’s the problem with Ironman. It’s not fast; it’s just hard by process of elimination. Did the miles in 7:05, 7:25, 7:39, 7:22, 7:35.


Rode about 15 miles easy. Like really easy. Like I rode to a swimsuit trunk sale, bought some suits, then stopped at a cafe for some breakfast, then finally rode home.

Was going to swim. But I didn’t feel like it.


The Dipsea.

Also, was going to swim after. But I really didn’t feel like it.

TOTAL: 9:30

Yeah, really glad there’s an extra four weeks. Now, I’m about to go into a last three-ish week block of big training, focusing on longer runs and swims, and Ironman pace stuff, and sorting out details (ala nutrition). Then, we’re basically ready to fly to Canada.

Ironman Training Week 23: May 26-June 1

This week was pretty straight-forward and easy. It was my favorite kind of week, my specialty: a recovery between races into a race week! You gotta have ’em.


The Marin Memorial Day 10K + warm-up and cool-down, which totaled about 9.5 miles running for the day. And, then “swam” ten minutes easy in between Memorial Day eating and drinking. Only it was really more like splashing.


Swam 800 yards easy and did some Yoga-ing and rolling.


Full on rest.


Biked 40′ moderately to China Camp to meet Ilyce for some open water swimming. (I do not open water swim by myself anymore. Not since the ‘is that a shark, oh it’s my hand, no maybe it’s a shark, nope still my hand’ incident.) Swam about 35′ pretty easy in the Bay.


Ran 5 miles on the trails and felt terrible — right on schedule.


Biked 40′ to test out the road bike with aerobars set-up, did my standard 4 x short sprint and 1′ and 2′ at race pace.

Swam 750 yards or so with about 10′ in Ilyce’s wetsuit in the complex pool to test it. (My nice long-sleeved one ripped hugely along the edge of the zipper. And, I have not swum enough lately to deal with the sleeveless one in the Bay right now.) It turns out swimming in a wetsuit makes you super buoyant in a pool


Escaped from Alcatraz!

TOTAL: 7:35

Another week in between races for the Dipsea on Sunday. It’s not about volume this week or last week. It’s about being awesome. Duh.

What is Ironman Tired?

Usually when I’m on long bike rides or runs or swimming back and forth in the pool I write in my head. I write essays, brainstorm ideas, talk stream of consciousness to myself (silently), work out first drafts of stories. Lots of that stuff doesn’t make it into anything final, but it’s a process. I’m pretty sure there’s even scientific stuff that backs me up on this as related to creativity.

It wasn’t until last Saturday when I was running through China Camp and writing something in my head about casual misogyny that I realized I hadn’t done that in a long time. I hadn’t had any thoughts during workouts since definitely before my accident, possibly before going to Arizona. It’s been a long time since I was not tired enough to think anything other than ‘just a little bit more, just a little bit more, just a little bit more.’

I actually haven’t written anything outside of work since December. ‘Write everyday’ was one of my New Years’ resolutions, but I’ve just been too tired. Instead of writing or working or even thinking, I mostly just sit on the couch and watch a lot of TV. Like a lot. Like ask me anything about anything on the TV. Just don’t ask me to get off the couch.

People told me that Ironman Tired was a thing, that training for an Ironman would wear you down and out, that your life would go on hold for months, your house would be a mess and the laundry would pile up. And, I was like, ‘joke’s on you, that shit’s already true.’

And, anyway, I wasn’t even training that much. I haven’t even been training that much. My perception of Ironman Tired may be slightly distorted, since most people training for Ironmans don’t also smash their teeth out and tear a muscle in their foot. Most of my tired may be from those things and not from working towards what is on my schedule in 8 weeks from now. But, with that caveat, my tired is a slow simmering tired. It’s the kind of tired that comes after months of sleeping just not quite enough. Not that you got no sleep or even very little sleep. Not the kind of tired after an all-nighter or an early morning, but the kind that comes when you just didn’t exactly get enough sleep, so that the first day you yawn a bit and the second day you rub your eyes some and crack your neck and by the end of the first week you think you maybe should start drinking coffee and then one day, when you’re almost fully functioning and you look for all appearances like a normal person (a little rung out maybe but normal), you find yourself staring at a freeway exit or a computer screen or a wall and you’re not sure how you got there or what you’re supposed to do and you can’t remember how anyone ever did your job in the first place — where does someone even start and are you sure they won’t just pay you for staring at this computer instead?

It’s like that except that you’re actually sleeping lots. Or at least laying in bed lots.

That’s what Ironman tired has been like for me. It’s been a bit like what I’m told depression is. It’s hard to notice until one day you’re not tired anymore. You’re strong and you’re sort of skinny and, hopefully, you’ll be fast. And, extra bonus, you’ll be able to think straight too.

Ironman Training Week 22: May 19-25

There was a day last week, actually an exact moment, where I started to feel normal again. I’ve been so tired — both regular Ironman tired (or so I’m told) and smashing my teeth out tired and life/work/moving to LA tired — that I really have been slogging through workouts. And, I didn’t realize until the one day I felt normal again that I hadn’t felt normal in a long time.

It’s about damn time.

What’s funny is that up until that day I actually felt awful last week. I took multiple naps. I started workouts where everything in my body hurt and it wasn’t until an hour in that my heartrate would start to pick up. Then, I would feel fine, or at least not like death. Maybe things are starting to come around? Maybe I’m just telling myself that because they better fucking come around by Alcatraz this Sunday. Either way, I got through week three of a three-week-ish block (here are week one and two). And, it wasn’t an amazing training block. It was barely passable, but it got done. And, I’m starting to feel normal again. Not fast. But normal.


Swam 1,500 yards easy. So dead from Auburn Triathlon that I had to take a nap.


Last root canal. Had to take another nap.


OK, got to work, do some work. Watched Fast and Furious 6 as well, possibly napped.

Biked over to the high school and it straight up took me as long to bike the five miles as it usually does to run it. Then, jogged around a bit and was so tired while the kids ran their intervals on the track that I had to sit down.

Swam 5,500 yards, which started as the slowest I have swum since maybe 2008. How could I possibly do this whole swim? But, bit by bit, I got a little bit faster. It wasn’t until about 3,000 yards in that I was almost swimming normal. Not fast, but normal. Biked home.


Ran 4 miles easy with the high school kids. Then, 5 x 1000 at 10K pace (4:00/1000m). The plan was originally 10 x 1000, but hah. Even my arms hurt running easy with the kids. I was dripping sweat and wheezing from our easy run. My whole face was hurting from some kind of delayed soreness from the Tuesday root canal. I was pretty sure that even a few 1000s was going to be impossible. But, they were fine. All in the low 3:50s.

20′ of core/PT at home.


Biked to and from the ferry/office. It was not fast, but it was also not the slowest I’ve done it. About 20 miles total.


After working a high school track meet all day, I didn’t think I would feel good. I was exhausted and had eaten half a Quizno’s sandwich and some M&Ms. But, my 9 mile easy run on the China Camp trails felt great. I felt like I’m used to feeling again. And, I realized it’s been so long since I’ve run my favorite trails or zoned out on a run — while still running normal paces.

30′ of strength and core and some PT and a little bit of box jumping at the gym.

Swam 1,000 yards easy.


Biked 78 miles on the TT by myself. (Gotta work on the mental strength.) And, yes, I still need to get the stem cut and the cables redone on my bike. And, I need to figure out how to get the drink bladder into the frame and put the food box thing on and find a cage for the back of the seat that doesn’t make my bottles fall out every hour. Yes, all those things still need to happen for my bike to be race-ready. But, I rode it for 5:20 and it was fine. That’s a big step.

It wasn’t the hardest ride ever, but it was long. Long, long, long. And, it took a long time for my heartrate to go above 125, even though I was going plenty hard enough. Like it took an hour for the heartrate to go to where it should be. But, then it was fine. And, when I made the stupid stupid choice to bike all the way out to Limantour Beach, which I had never done before, and I had to turn around and come back up a long 17% grade into the insane wind out there on the coast and I thought my bike was just going to tip over, it didn’t. I made it and I was fine and the work got done.

TOTAL: 13:15

And, then, yes, obviously, I ran the 10K on Monday after the Sunday ride, which isn’t a great race plan and not something I would normally do. But, there wasn’t any way to avoid it with the overall training calendar. So, we’ll call it an Ironman workout. And, now it’s all about hard recovery for Alcatraz, then some more recovery/pickups and the Dipsea, then another three-week (actually) big block of training. And, then Ironman. So close, so far.


The Week in Numbers

How many naps I’ve taken this week? 3
How many hours I’ve trained so far this week? 2.75
How many hours I’ve sat on the couch and stared at the TV without actually watching whatever was on? 12
How many times I sat on the couch and watched Fast and Furious 6 in the middle of the day? 1
How many times I’ve thought about cleaning the bathroom? 17
How many times I’ve actually cleaned the bathroom? 0
How many times I’ve rearranged my training schedule to accommodate my messed-up-ed-ness? 7
How many windows I’ve opened on my computer to make USC plans and get totally pumped? 23
How many stickers USC sent me to put on my laptop and get totally pumped? 8
How much the plane ticket to Canada is going to cost? $375
How much money I have for the plane ticket to Canada? Less than $375
How long I’m hoping the Memorial Day 10K is going to take me? 39:50
How long the Memorial Day 10K will actually probably take me? Way longer than 40′
How many days until Alcatraz? 10
How ready am I for Alcatraz? So ready!
How ready am I really? Eh, kinda ready.