No Training

Yesterday I was trying to wrap up a busy week, finish two stories, drop off a bulk mailing at the post office, and get four interviews done. (For the record, I totally killed this week. Even knocked out my 2 x 20′ at marathon and then half-marathon pace no problem.)

And while I’m trying to finish up I get a call from a restricted number. I answer with my usual: Hi, this is Kelly.

The person on the other end says, with no introduction or segue: Did you get my message.

You know, maybe. Since I don’t know who you are you’re going to have to give me more information.

It turned out to be the post office, of course. And there was some small error on the bulk mailing form that I had to go all the way back down there for, of course. But that seemed like a fitting way to wrap up the long week. Then, I polished off a bottle of wine and now I’m headed to a girls’ weekend. (Why is girls’ weekend a thing in society, on a side note.)

No training, probably not much sleeping – though an article I wrote yesterday about sleep has me worried I’m not getting enough. But, I will solve the long unanswered question: what is a vodka tasting and how much vodka can one actually taste?