Now You Know

Yesterday, I hurt. My legs hurt. My face hurt. My brain hurt. But, mostly my legs.

After I accidentally slept through the team ride (and then after I waited for Steve to fix his bike, ate some breakfast and watched some Olympics), we went for our own ride. It hurt. For the first 10-15′ my legs were in extreme pain, simply from fatigue and being at the end of a long hard training block and doing too many squats the other day. But, eventually, they came around or went numb. It’s unclear. And I rode totally strong and steady.

Then, I was supposed to do a hardish hour run after. The whole idea was some short half-marathon pace efforts on tired legs. Well, the tired part was achieved. And, as I ran easy at the start I was just shell-shocked at how physically in pain I was. I actually stopped 10′ in and was about to turn back, about to call it. It hurt too much. But, I stood there at the base of the trail and decided I just needed to get through this.

By the time I started the 3′ efforts at 6:30 pace I wasn’t optimistic. Then, the first one was fast and easy. My legs stopped hurting. They went blank. The second was easy too. The third not quite as much and the fourth really not. But, it all got done. It never hurt more than it already had. It was possible. I can run 6:22 pace at the end of lots of hard training, after 2:30 of riding, when everything hurts. I can. Now I know.

I came home and was watching/fast-forwarding through the coverage of indoor track nationals. And I stopped to see the women’s 3k race. It was a mostly boring and slow race, but at the end Jordan Hasay and Shannon Rowbury started to sprint and it seemed like the biggest names in the field were going to win. Then, this other girl, Gabriele Grunewald, went by them and blew them both out. And, I swear, I may be projecting, but it looked like she suddenly realized she could beat them and win.

But, then, Grunewald was DQ’d. The argument is she ran into Hasay and impeded her. I don’t know about the talk now that Grunewald is always throwing elbows. I just know that in the race it didn’t look like her running into Hasay and then Rowbury was overly aggressive or changed the outcome. And the committee that hears appeals agreed with me twice. But, Alberto Salazar (Hasay’s coach) and Nike won out and there’s more than a few questions being raised about why.

The thing is, though, yes, it appears to be bullshit. But, you can’t take away her knowledge that she beat them, the realization that she can be national champion. And you can’t make any of the other girls in the field not know that they got beaten. Now you know.