Training Camp #1 and #2: Did I Make It Out In One Piece?

So, the big question: Did I survive two training camps back-to-back with more volume than I’ve ever done?


I was feeling great. So great. Surprisingly great. Like, ‘wow, I’m going to be the fastest ever, bitches better be watching out’ great. And, then, I wasn’t. Very abruptly.

During Training Camp #1 my right foot cramped up a few times when we were swimming. I never get leg cramps — like, actually, have only had two in my entire life — but my understanding is they’re no big deal. But, every now and then, during Training Camp #2, the arch of my right foot would feel really tight or ache or start to cramp up. One night it woke me up with its cramping. But, still, NBD. (“No Big Deal,” mom.)

The very last workout, of the very last day, of the very last camp, I ran 2:10 on some hot, dry trails with Ilyce. It was a hot, dry run and neither of us felt good. It was the most silent I’ve probably ever been on an easy run, but we got through it. The last few miles my right arch started to ache again. So, when we got back, I rolled it out with a TriggerPoint ball and stretched out the foot.

Unfortunately, that just made it angry.

By the time we were getting out of the van to be dropped off an hour later, my right foot hurt with every step. By the time I was walking to meet my sister, I could barely walk. Last night I iced it and compression socked it and hoped I’d sleep it off. But, by this morning, it was officially messed up. I looked like this at the airport (and, fyi, the airport is not the place to be if you can’t really put weight on one foot):

Of course, going into all this, it was the bone spur in my left foot that I was worried about, not a spontaneous new injury in my right foot. I’m hoping I just pulled something and the rolling it out irritated it and it just needs to be rested. I’m hoping I made it out of training camps relatively ok.