What Hitting Rock Bottom Looks Like


These are all the different things I made in the last few days. FYI, the chocolate-chip muffin looking things have a molten chocolate center.

I think I may be close to bottoming out in “off-season.” The cookies didn’t even taste that good.

Back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Un-Endorsement of the Week: Kit Kats

Even looking at it makes me feel sick.
Even looking at it makes me feel sick.


I’m off Kit Kats, at least until CIM. It’s the fucking biggest tragedy of my life right now.

For about two weeks, I’ve been sick to my stomach. Eating makes me feel nauseous. Not eating makes me feel nauseous. It’s been pretty much constant since the day I had a big hamburger out in Pt. Reyes and then went for a run (with many bathroom stops).

To get your first stupid question out of the way: No, I am not pregnant. Yes, since I am a female over the age of 15 and I have seen a TV show before, of course that occurred to me. And yes, it has been ruled out.

I also don’t think I suddenly have celiacs, especially since it doesn’t matter what I eat, I still feel sick. Sushi, meat and vegetables, a salad. Definitely Kit Kats.

At first, it seemed like Kit Kat Minis were just messing with my stomach, despite my undying love for them. And, this has been corroborated by others who have eaten Kit Kat Minis. Something about them the last few weeks was making your stomach hurt. Nestle: get it together.

Now, though, even regular Kit Kats are doing me in.

On the plus side, I have discovered a fool-proof dieting method, which I am basically going to copyright and start selling to people in LA. The secret: Just have no desire to eat, ever. I’m one stomach flu away from race weight. The only minor flaw to this is that the one thing I do have the desire to eat is Kit Kats (damn) and also the lack of eating is generally problematic and unhealthy. I’ll be super skinny at CIM, but will have to lay down on the side of the road from my lack of energy, while moaning and dry-heaving.

What to Eat the Day Before a Race

A lot of people are really picky about what they eat the day before a race. They have a long list of celebrity-level requirements. I have learned that if I stress too much it turns out badly and I accidentally eat nothing for six hours except some Z-Bars and then go nuts on some super-oily chicken and get pretty sick(ish) in a port-a-potty. Not that this happened.

I may have to remedy this for Ironman, but in the meantime, here’s what I ate today before the Tiburon Half Marathon tomorrow. Hopefully it works out:

  • McDonald’s Oatmeal
  • McDonald’s sausage egg McMuffin (grabbed both on my way to volunteering for a different race at 6:45 a.m.)
  • Bagel + light cream cheese – benefits of volunteering!
  • Half a Clif bar
  • Glasses of water
  • Homemade nachos: refried beans, gaucemole, salsa, cheese, corn chips
  • Grapes
  • Mini-Hershey’s bar
  • Hummus + chips + some lettuce + roast beef
  • Bottle of Blue Moon
  • Two cookies + ice cream

And, yes to the second question: that is pretty much normally what I eat.



This is what a self-imposed hiatus looks like when it’s super nice out but you’ve banned yourself from physical activity.

Yes, the Reese’s are leftover eggs from after-Easter candy. They’re for sustenance.

Boston Photo Challenge: Snacks and Work

I was going to write a post about flexibility, work schedules, and training. On the eve of this, my anniversary of quitting my job and venturing out into the unknown as a freelancer, I thought I’d write about whether or not working from home(ish) at the beck and call of whoever wants to pay you is beneficial for your training or not.

Except, ironically perhaps, I am suddenly swamped with a story that got dropped in my lap last night (while I was covering something else actually) and needs to be done now — with calls to be made and people harangued and writing done, another story due tomorrow that I had planned on writing now but is being bumped by said urgent-super-important story, an interview this afternoon, many emails to be returned, schmoozing work-type drinks this evening, and another training session to get in on the Alter-G first. All of which has to be wrapped up, with another two workouts tomorrow morning, before I get on a plane to Phoenix.

So. I suppose that sort of maybe answers the question.

Instead, I saw this 30 days to Boston Photo Challenge on Annabelle’s blog — of which I’m a total lurker, but that’s ok, because aren’t we all:

A photo a day makes Boston come quicker.
A photo a day makes Boston come quicker.

The idea is to post a photo on each of those days around that theme. I don’t think I’ll do every day, because I’m lazy and unfocused — or rather I would be a much happier person if I wasn’t both lazy and extremely ambitious. I did think I’d post today, though, since I’m sitting at my desk taking a work break. Here is my Boston Photo Challenge #Snack Picture:

Breakfast and lunch, but not quite brunch.
Breakfast and lunch, but not quite brunch.

I am well aware that eating at your desk is bad for your physical, mental and emotional health, ok? But, I figure, since some days I sit on my couch and watch The View at 10 a.m. while eating cereal, then some days I have to sit in an office and eat sad snacks in front of my computer. (That empty container, though, is the most amazing yogurt-granola-strawberry thing ever.)

Now, back to work.

Mint-chocolate Snowcap Cookies

I made cookies again last night (shocking!). And, perhaps, to serve me right for eating too many cookies, I burned my tongue on the hot melted chocolate.

Mint chocolate snow cap cookies.
Mint-chocolate snow cap cookies.

Mint-chocolate snow cap cookies are the best: powdered sugar, mint, chocolate. I couldn’t make them for a long time, because nowhere has mint-chocolate chips. Eventually, I actually ordered mint-chocolate chips from Hersey’s.

I used this snowcap cookie recipe. Except, of course, I did my standard switch out from eggs to flax seed. And, instead of melting all the chips, like the recipe says, I melted half of them for the dough and then used the other half as regular chips. It makes one big hot melted mint-chocolate mess.

And, you can lick the melted chocolate bowl:

Making cookies. And, then lick the bowl!
Making cookies. And, then lick the bowl!

Now, I’m headed off to a writing workshop, a run, and picking up tapeworm medicine for Floyd. Ew.