My Plan for a Trump Presidency

I wrote a whole thing about being a woman in this moment and that “understanding” is not just a burden placed on people who live in cities to go out and find white rural voters to try to understand. Actually, the media did that a lot. But bubbles don’t only exist on the coasts. I wrote a thing about why sports matter and about how if the Trump voters I know knew the people who are being told “to get out of Trump’s America before the wall gets built” or that “a real President is going to abolish your [gay] marriage,” then maybe they’d have understood why some people are so upset and scared right now. I wrote about how more people voted for her and about how every woman (even the ones who didn’t vote for her) knows that saying she didn’t lose because she’s a woman ignores all the studies we have about how we perceive ambitious, smart, driven women. I wrote about what it’s like to be yelled at all the time and how you prepared to be yelled at again. I wrote about watching Obama this morning and always believing in the theory that the long slow arc of history bends towards justice. I wrote all that, but then I read this and it summed it all up better and I started laughing, which turned to crying, and then I couldn’t stop.

So go read that instead.