A Few Things

1. Tuesday, I talked to this guy who is starting a Recovery Lounge in Marin, with ice baths and massage people and NormaTec boots and stuff. He had all these market research questions, including ‘Why do you workout? For exercise and health or something else?’ Which we all know is one of the most annoying questions. I think I said: ‘If I did it just for my health that would be pretty stupid, since the optimal level of exercise for health is way way lower.’ He also asked ‘How important is improvement to you?’ And I was like man, shit, you better hope improvement is important to lots of people because that’s who will pay to come to your recovery center. Hopefully, they figure things out, because that kind of place would be cool.

2. It rained yesterday, despite this whole drought thing. I had to commute around on my bike and got so wet that I actually took my boots off when I got where I was going, turned them upside down and water poured out.

3. When I finally got home last night after all that and was trying to pack, I went to get the bike box out of the garage. Tupac the Cat wanted to come too, so I was holding him in one arm and the box in the other. The only problem is the bike box is kind of big and bangs on the steps, which scared him and then he tried to jump. But, instead, he got a claw stuck in my face. Actually stuck. It was caught under the skin on the inside of my eye. So, we’re standing there on the steps and he’s trying to pull his claw out of my face and I’m trying to pull it out and hold onto him and the bike box and yelling. I think this might be why the neighbors hate me. That is also why I will be showing up in Arizona with a swollen and possibly bruised eye.

4. I am on my way to Arizona.

The Drought and Training

We’re officially in a drought here. See all that red, that’s bad:

From the California Dept. of Water Resources
From the California Dept. of Water Resources

2013 was one of the driest years on record, having something to do with the lack of rain + the low levels in the reservoirs, and I believe the official wording is that “2014 is not expected to show any changes.” So, we’re all being told to cut back on our water use — but don’t forget to wash your hands, because it’s a flu pandemic too! And, there’s all kinds of crazy plans to make sure we don’t die, etc.

But, in the meantime, it’s been super nice for training.

Typically, we’d all be toughing it out riding in the cold rain and causing permanent damage to our extremities and the usual. Biking in the rain is the most terrible and it typically makes me want to punch anyone who says, “Oh, I just love the rain and curling up in front of the fire.” The only people who say we have no seasons here are the people who never go outside. (Naturally, I did managed to get soaking wet riding for two hours in the one spot it rained one day.)

Of course, this year, we really have no seasons, or rather we have a totally different weird season. Besides the two week cold spell in December, it’s been so warm that when I run in the mid-afternoon it’s too hot for a long-sleeve shirt. In January. While the rest of the country deals with polar vortexes. The people I want to punch the second most are the ones who keep saying, “Ho, ho, guess we could use some global warming now, huh?”

This weather also means that everyone is going to be in really good shape when racing starts here. I’m pretty sure you can make a graph of fitness in the region in the spring as it relates to weather over the winter.