Things That Have Basically Almost Made Me Cry in the Last Two Weeks

Steve says I’m surprisingly a crier about things, to which I think I said, “Fuck you.” But, the last few weeks he may have been right. I’ve been pretty beaten up and this has led to odd bouts of wanting to break things and/or cry. And, the unmotivation combined with the training combined with the everything really has been making me want to just lay on the couch all day and watch Law and Order: SVU — though also I do that basically every Sunday.

SO, in no particular order here are things that have almost brought me to tears lately:

  • Running slow
  • Running hard (though not particularly fast)
  • The fifth draft of a 3,000-word story
  • The seventh draft
  • Lack of sleep
  • Trying to get an actual for-real quote on fixing or selling the car
  • People being mean to me on the internet
  • People being douchey in real life
  • Commercials for the Olympics
  • The follow-up questions/final draft to that 3,000-word story
  • Seriously, this story is killing me
  • My back hurting
  • My legs hurting
  • My desire for the condo to not be filled with shit combined with my desire not to have to spend time doing crap like cleaning
  • My inability to clearly understand the financial aid process
  • Things on the TV

Things I Suprisingly Did Not Cry During:

  • Crashing the car
  • Crashing my bike

**IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Let’s not all start acting like I’m super depressed now and asking me questions in real life about how am I doing with being depressed and calling my mom (or, for my mom, calling me) to talk about how we’re worried about me. Because, seriously, don’t be a moron. Or, you may get added to the list.