What Hitting Rock Bottom Looks Like


These are all the different things I made in the last few days. FYI, the chocolate-chip muffin looking things have a molten chocolate center.

I think I may be close to bottoming out in “off-season.” The cookies didn’t even taste that good.

Back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Mint-chocolate Snowcap Cookies

I made cookies again last night (shocking!). And, perhaps, to serve me right for eating too many cookies, I burned my tongue on the hot melted chocolate.

Mint chocolate snow cap cookies.
Mint-chocolate snow cap cookies.

Mint-chocolate snow cap cookies are the best: powdered sugar, mint, chocolate. I couldn’t make them for a long time, because nowhere has mint-chocolate chips. Eventually, I actually ordered mint-chocolate chips from Hersey’s.

I used this snowcap cookie recipe. Except, of course, I did my standard switch out from eggs to flax seed. And, instead of melting all the chips, like the recipe says, I melted half of them for the dough and then used the other half as regular chips. It makes one big hot melted mint-chocolate mess.

And, you can lick the melted chocolate bowl:

Making cookies. And, then lick the bowl!
Making cookies. And, then lick the bowl!

Now, I’m headed off to a writing workshop, a run, and picking up tapeworm medicine for Floyd. Ew.