My Running Blog: Real-life Sports

Earlier this year, I converted my long-time blog (which was primarily about triathlon) to a professional-type site to showcase my work and me and all that crap that people want to see when they hire you. Though, since I haven’t gotten a super awesome amazing job in that time, maybe I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

At the time, I was also sort of, semi-quitting triathlon, so it seemed like a good opportunity to leave the whole triathlon/sports blog thing behind. Instead, I started a Tumblr and was well on my way to being part of the internet hipster elite.

But, the Tumblr never really worked right. [I couldn’t get the comments to show up always.] And, it turns out what people mostly like reading about is me and sports and triathlon and all that stuff I actually know a lot about and have experience in. Also, it turns out that’s mostly what I like writing about.

Then, last week I interviewed a bunch of uber-popular running bloggers for an article. They were all very, very nice people and had lots of very nice stuff to say about running and their stories and inspiring other runners with their stories. But, I felt like they largely didn’t represent my experience or story. In fact, a lot of the athletic internet doesn’t represent my experience, because a lot of it is slightly, well, too cheerful. In my experience, sports aren’t always cheerful.

Maybe I’m totally wrong about this. Maybe I’m really the only person in the whole world who starts out looking up something online and ends up completely side-tracked jealous Google stalking random people whose lives I wish I had and trying to figure out how they got there. Maybe. But, I don’t think I am. I mean Google-ing is a verb for a reason.

So, I thought I’d start my own sports blog again. And, I hope to do more stuff with it, have other people write, post resources, get people’s opinions. We’ll see. I hope I’m not totally wrong.