Things That Have Not Really Gone Right This Last Month

– Tear a muscle in my right foot in a freak accident while standing on a trigger point roller when the arch was tight –> miss Oakland Half Marathon
– Mess up my left knee riding my TT bike, which doesn’t exactly fit. (This is actually incredibly frustrating since riding my bike shouldn’t hurt.)
– Smash my face into the ground and break my front four teeth.
– Yeah, that was really painful and bad –> Miss HITS Triathlon
– The shoes and stuff to help the right foot muscle get better re-inflame the bone spur on my left foot. Both hurt a lot. –> Miss Boston Marathon
– Overdo it after smashing my face up and my whole body gives out.
– Now I am sick, which really isn’t particularly shocking.

All this has sort of meant I haven’t been working as much as I should either and that’s becoming a bigger problem now too. I’ve also become so nervous about everything that cutting a bagel makes me worry about slicing my hand open. Tomorrow I’m going to pull it back together. Tomorrow.

How Quickly Can You Recover From Trauma?

Not quickly is the answer.

I got new temporary teeth, which took over five hours at the dentist on Friday. And after my whole face swelled and then calmed down, I actually ate some food. That was shockingly refreshing. In fact, I felt so good yesterday that I went to a TRX class and did some swimming and water running. People at the gym weren’t quite sure what to make of me. It was no longer obvious that I’d had an accident, but my lip was still swollen and cut. Mostly I looked like I might have had a lip job that went wrong.

By today I looked mostly normal. But worn out.

I may have felt too good, though, and overdone it. We had an outing planned, which turned into too much for me for the night.

This morning, I was supposed to go to an event, but when I got up for some work it became clear that I did not feel as much better as I thought I was getting. Why? Because it always takes longer to recover and deal with this kind of trauma than you think it will. Because stress is stress. Because, even if I mostly look better, it still feels like I got my face smashed in.

It’s always hard to know how hard these kinds of things are going to be to come back from. But, really, by now I should know that it’s definitely not easy. I was just hoping it’d be different this time.