Week 14: Are We Still Doing That?

At one of the many goodbye parties I attended this weekend, a woman said to me, “Oh, you must workout, I’m so jealous of your arms.”

And I almost said, “Fitness hack: Exercise 20-30 hours/week.” Which is actually a @DarkMark joke from Twitter, but it cracks me up. Only, then, I remembered this wasn’t the internet and I shouldn’t be a snide bitch to some random woman I just met.

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Week 11: This is What People Do

Because I’m nursing a mildly injured calf, workouts got moved around and I ended up with a rest day yesterday. A rest day on the weekend? What do you even do with that time?

Walking through downtown to meet a friend for a burrito and beer, there were so many people out, heading to different restaurants, eating brunch on patios, enjoying the sun. Things are really busy, I thought, this is weird. And then I realized this is basically what it’s like every nice Sunday afternoon. This is, apparently, what people do with their weekends. I just never see it.

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Week 10: Into the Canyon

You can read all my weekly recaps of being a professional triathlete

This week’s comes with a trigger warning: Please do not tell me you are concerned about me. No kidding. I am concerned about me. Please assume that if I actually needed help my first course of action wouldn’t be to write vague essays on the internet. 

If you’ve ever swum competitively, you’ve had a day where you struggled to make the intervals. You were swimming full-out and at first you’re hitting the wall with a couple of seconds before you have to start the next one. Then, you’re barely touching and you have to go again. You’re swimming as fast as you can, hard, again and again. Until eventually you just miss an interval. You hit the wall, fuck, and go right into the next one, but you’re a second behind now. You’ll have to swim faster to catch up, but you can’t swim faster because you’re already swimming as fast as you can. So you start to weigh your options: Should you sit out a 50y and then jump back in? Take an extra five seconds to re-group? Try to go harder and make it up? And the whole time you’re thinking this, you’re still swimming full-out, floundering, because you can’t afford to fall farther behind.

This is pretty much a metaphor for my last week. Also, literally, that happened to me in the pool on Thursday.

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Week 8 & 9: This is the Dream, Right?

I’ve been writing weekly recaps of being a professional triathlete. You can read all the weeks.

Sunday, after Oceanside, we drove the 9 hours home from San Diego, got back around 11 p.m., and I sort of fell out of the car. Turns out, full-on post-race mess mode doesn’t get prettier during a drive across California. I felt nauseous and dizzy. I stood up out of the car and my legs buckled. Everything hurt. We dropped all our crap in the middle of the floor and I tipped over into bed. Then I woke up Monday around 9:30 a.m. to an email from my boss at the radio station asking if I could fill-in last minute for someone who was sick. Uhhh, OK? If I can do it remotely and you give me 30 minutes to, like, shower.

I was a mess. I’m not even sure what happened that day. Other than I was living the dream.

Actually, I’m not sure what’s happened most days the last two weeks.

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Week 7: Oceanside 70.3

There was a moment on Saturday when I was running out of the water into transition. Usually, transitions are my specialty. Usually, I move quickly and make up time on other athletes. But Saturday morning, I was running flat-out, going as hard as I could down the cement along the edge of the water, past all the people still lined up to start, and I could not close on the two girls in front of me. And I thought, ‘This is a different race.’

Then, I basically kept thinking that for the next four hours. The pro race is a different race.

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Week 6: And On The Weekends, We Nap

Read all my weekly recaps of being a pro triathlete so far.

Last weekend, my mom visited. We picked her up in Reno and showed her Tahoe, while Steve raced. Then, we did the Marin things: Mt. Tam in the fog, Muir Beach, my favorite restaurants, ferry to a show in the city, trainer in the living room, the Toyota dealership. You know, the usual.


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Week 5: It Happened

I’m writing weekly recaps of what it’s like being a professional athlete. Usually I try to post them at the end of the week (which, in America, is like Sunday-ish), but sometimes that doesn’t work out. This past week was week 5. You can read all the weeks here.

Sometimes weeks just happen. They go by and there’s not much to say other than that they happenend. On Monday, you’re in Tucson, tripping over rocks in the desert during your long run because you’re too tired to pick your feet up. And Saturday, you’re trying to run through deep snow at Donner Pass as cold rain comes down, wondering just how long it’ll take to regain use of your fingers.

The weeks happen. And no matter how far away the start of the season seemed at one point, it comes eventually.

Week 4: Is It Not Monday?

Yes, that’s a beer. The mountain bike guys gave it to me after our last long run. It’s not that weird. Photo: Leslie

I don’t know. All the days are a bit of a blur. This week was training camp week, which means everything from Thursday afternoon to yesterday afternoon was just: run, eat, sleep, bike, bike, bike, eat, swim, sleep, swim, eat, eat, bike, change flat tire, sleep, bike hard, run hard, throw up a little, sleep, run more.

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