Week 5: It Happened

I’m writing weekly recaps of what it’s like being a professional athlete. Usually I try to post them at the end of the week (which, in America, is like Sunday-ish), but sometimes that doesn’t work out. This past week was week 5. You can read all the weeks here.

Sometimes weeks just happen. They go by and there’s not much to say other than that they happenend. On Monday, you’re in Tucson, tripping over rocks in the desert during your long run because you’re too tired to pick your feet up. And Saturday, you’re trying to run through deep snow at Donner Pass as cold rain comes down, wondering just how long it’ll take to regain use of your fingers.

The weeks happen. And no matter how far away the start of the season seemed at one point, it comes eventually.

Week 4: Is It Not Monday?

Yes, that’s a beer. The mountain bike guys gave it to me after our last long run. It’s not that weird. Photo: Leslie

I don’t know. All the days are a bit of a blur. This week was training camp week, which means everything from Thursday afternoon to yesterday afternoon was just: run, eat, sleep, bike, bike, bike, eat, swim, sleep, swim, eat, eat, bike, change flat tire, sleep, bike hard, run hard, throw up a little, sleep, run more.

That’s actually a fairly accurate summary. Continue reading “Week 4: Is It Not Monday?”

Week 3: Is That Fitness I Spot?

Time for the weekly recap of professional triathlete life. Things are starting to get back on schedule, now that it’s been three whole weeks. Check out week 1 or week 2 to catch up. Short version: train, work, train, sleep.

Do you like my new site? Fancy, huh. That’s one of the things I accomplished this week. Other things I accomplished: my workouts.

My massage guy said I’m getting skinny. Which, factually, isn’t actually true, but I think he meant I’m getting fit. Which is sort of true. A little bit. Continue reading “Week 3: Is That Fitness I Spot?”

Week 1: On Our Own?

I was thinking about writing a running diary for each week of ‘racing pro,’ like the one I wrote for the run-up to Kona. Since people really liked that one and it was probably the best thing I wrote last year. But. Well. There’s not a ton to say day after day. Train, sleep, make money sometimes, train more. So, instead, I’m going to do a sum-up of each week. Some weeks may be more straight-forward. Some may be less, depending on how the week went. We’ll see. This is the end of Week 1. Continue reading “Week 1: On Our Own?”

Day 1, Week 1

After I got my USA Triathlon pro/elite license in the mail last week, I went through the Ironman Pro Registration this weekend, handed over my $950 (which includes all Ironman branded races for the year + stupid Active fees) and filled out a form listing all my “support personnel.” Which, honestly, after I listed Hillary, I was like, uhhh, who else supports me? Maybe my fancy new Stanford heart doctor? Even though he’s not really helping my training, but more figuring out if/how to fix this hereditary arrhythmia issue. I guess that counts as personnel. Continue reading “Day 1, Week 1”

A Fun Story: Part 2

Since that weird bump on the side of my neck didn’t go away, I ended up at the dermatologist last week. Turns out it’s a benign mass of scar tissue or basically, official diagnosis, Kona hates me.

No problem, said the dermatologist, we’ll just inject a little steroid right there and it should clear up. And she was all ready to stick a needle in the side of my neck immediately, until I said, “Whoa. Whoa. Whoooooaaa.”

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Here’s a Fun Story and An Idea 

After Kona I got this weird little bump on the side of my neck. But with so many cuts and sunburn and bruises after such a rough race, I didn’t think about it until a month or so passed and I was like, ‘Hmm, that probably shouldn’t be there still.’ I went to the doctor a week ago and she thought it might be some kind of infection from Kona (just add to the list of fantastic talismans from that race) and gave me a cream to try before the next step, shudder, dermatology.

Fine, great. Then, today I was talking to Steve, who’s at the US National XC Ski Champs (‘natch), and he made a joke about how some guy probably didn’t make the results list because he was on drugs. And I thought, all of a sudden, oh shit, it never even occurred to me to check that the prescription didn’t have any banned ingredients. I almost never go to a non-sports injury doctor; I don’t take anything besides those Whole Foods wellness pills and lots of beer; I’m not used to this idea that I’m a professional athlete and my doctor might unknowingly give me some thing I can’t take.

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