Oct. 7-13

This past week was chaos with extremely stressful and busy work, resulting in my standard freakout about focusing on training and what am I doing with my life. Realized if I drink less (but not too much less) and sleep more, it helps.


Medium slow start to the day, since I said I’d work an afternoon shift. Changed out a cassette on my road bike. My TT bike was in the shop to maybe ultimately finally fix the stupid Di2 issues it’s been having. Rode easy and ended at the pool. Swam medium. Probably relied on paddles too much. Then worked as copyeditor for the rest of the day — except I’m not an amazing copyeditor, so mostly was just a regular editor. Once I was done at 6 p.m., biked over to the river to meet Steve for margaritas.


At the computer working at 6:58 a.m. Someone also OD’d on catnip and vomited in the middle of the living room, which happens surprisingly often. Work was nuts. With this massive power shutoff across the top half of the state, I ended up agreeing to work a full shift instead of a half day. It was busy. Wrote two stories and wrote-through another, constant updating numbers and details. By the time I signed off and headed out of the office around 3 p.m., I was so mentally exhausted that I was physically exhausted too. Laid on the floor of the apartment for a bit drinking beer before writing the newsletter.


Back covering “public safety power shutoffs” at 7 a.m. This was supposed to be my big workout day, but with winds and fire danger so bad that 2 million people were without power, it seemed like a bad idea to go for a four-hour ride outside. Also had fucked up recording the podcast with Sara on Tuesday in all the chaos. Recorded Wednesday instead, then did a hard race sim swim + hour run. Old guy at the pool had more questions than I’ve ever been asked during a workout: How long have I been swimming, how much do I swim, what did I swim that 50 in, is that normal time for me?


Finished a radio story I’ve been working on and then wasted like two hours dithering about whether to do my long ride inside or outside. Had a minor meltdown about doing so well hitting workouts, then having to move stuff last week to this week, then getting stuck with this stupid shit weather, should have just ridden on Tuesday, what kind of crap athlete am I. Finally just rode 2.5 hours medium hard on the trainer, which felt quite hard, and ran off the bike. Finished out the day with lifting and a short recovery swim.


Finally had a day that didn’t feel like insanity. Wrote a story, went for a run, bought fish a new tank, dropped something off for Steve, and then spent 35 minutes making the seven-minute drive to the pool because of some big music festival at the park. Met up with a friend of Steve’s in the evening for beer and tacos. Quite tired.


We were going to go to Marin for the weekend, but with all the chaos and running late, just didn’t get moving fast enough. Instead, watched the beginning of Kona, went for my long ride that was supposed to happen earlier in the week. It didn’t so much feel hard as it felt like death. Turned Kona back on while I did some mobility and strength and ate. Was going to shower, but the cats fell asleep on top of me, so did work and watched the race instead. Oh well.


Did drive to Marin on Sunday morning for a long run and lunch with Steve’s parents. Did my one 2+-hour run on my favorite trails. The pace seemed super slow, but the times for the sections of trail were normal. Decided my GPS was just being dumb and not to worry about it. Legs felt awful, but not any more awful when I picked it up for the last mile back on road. Which supports my theory that the marathon is going to suck whether I run so or fast, so might as well try running fast. Swam, late lunch/early dinner, massage, and drove home with a stop a Sonic for an Oreo blast.

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