Sept. 30 – Oct. 6

This week ended up being a bit of a surprise rest week. In that, *surprise*, I swapped the 4-5 easy days planned for next week to this week.

It was actually probably a good choice, since I can still get in another 9-10 days of work from here and then call it. And all indicators are that I needed the slight rest from Monday-Thursday or so. But it also always feels harder to break after you’ve just been head down, banging it out — like when you slow down in a race and suddenly it all falls apart; it would have been easier to just keep going hard. In some ways.


Up and did a bunch of work: mostly editing and building out the station’s monthly newsletter, but also jumped on a quick phone call about the history of the first Kona, did some source research for a story, and then spent half an hour trying to make Google Docs do something it wouldn’t do. Also watched a lot of Track & Field World Champs while working this week. Was going to ride earlier, but was able to get an ART appointment for the afternoon so decided to bike to the appointment and then to the pool. Efficiency is very important to me. The downside was I didn’t leave the apartment until after 3 p.m.


Wanted to run some hills in the morning, but hills require driving and it seemed stupid to get stuck in commute traffic. Did some work first instead and then wasted 30 minutes trying to find Tupac, who was hiding somewhere in the apartment, which meant I didn’t start my run until almost 11:40 a.m. My heart rate skyrocketed on the easy jogging, though, and just as I was telling Steve on the phone that I thought it was fine, not a full blown episode, I started to feel really really bad. There isn’t much to do about my heart electrically misfiring and jumping around other than to let it recover. I’ve also been pushing the line of how much training I can get away with how quickly. All of which made it relatively easy to decide to swap days around and cancel workouts. Spent the rest of the evening building out the station’s newsletter, writing my weekly newsletter, and finishing an edit test.


Surprise rest day after Tuesday’s exhaustion. Took care of some bills and errands, worked on a few stories for Spartan and U.S. Masters Swimming, spent about an hour on the phone with a sports researcher talking about heat and cold adaptation for a piece, then got on Skype with Sara to podcast record. Food, beers, ice cream and a to-do list. Went to bed super super late after trying to sort out some life stuff.


Agreed to work fill-in as a producer at the station on Friday, so swapped around my days some. Built out a social kit for a story, then went for my steady two-hour ride. First ride I’ve felt good in awhile. Maybe the bike fit adjustments are working! More phone calls after, which made me think about incorporating grip strength work into my strength routine. And wrote another swimming piece. Took the boys outside. They were very excited. Let fish swim around the tub after Steve’s ice bath. She was also very excited.


Was on the 7:24 a.m. bus to the bureau office. That’s way too early. Also the office was freezing at that hour and I had to steal my pregnant coworker’s blanket. Worked all day, which included reading the indictment in the college admissions scandal — the details of which are *insane.* Caught the bus after work to the gym. Got me there before Masters actually started, so I jumped in the pool early and didn’t even get out too early. However, did not swim amazing.


Bike, run, swim. Watched some track and field in between. All of it felt terrible, though. Well, not the watching track. My heart felt bad. My legs and arms were heavy. I’ve irritated a tendon on the top of my foot, which hurts. Not sure what I did or why.


Instead of a hard long run, I decided to do a local half-marathon as a test race. Ran it at goal marathon pace: 6:40s felt super easy and smooth until my legs completely broke down the last couple of miles. I knew the impact was always going to be my limiter in the marathon — I simply don’t have enough time on my feet or mileage right now — but I was hoping it wouldn’t be a limiter until a little bit later. Sigh. Is what it is. Despite feeling 100% totally fine, could barely walk after. Swam easy and then spent the rest of the day watching Law & Order, doing some minimal work, and chilling the fuck out.

One thought on “Sept. 30 – Oct. 6

  1. Two different topics:
    Last year, day after IMWC, I agreed to a call from a guy who’d contacted me on Match. Looked fit, even had a t-shirt from IMWC, business owner. Talked to him for 45 minutes, most of it dominated by him telling me all about his businesses, especially one. Claimed he knew the surgeon who screwed my hip together cuz of his kids (and I didn’t think the surgeon looked old enough to have college-age kids). After the call I got a text (still have it) saying how it was nice to talk and sorry for taking over the call. I thought, “Yeah, you did take it over. It was all about you.” Tried searching for his name in IM results and came up empty. Could he have made that part up or was my search weak? Never responded to his text as I thought he seemed too full of himself. Guy was Rick Springer.
    I know you read a TON of stuff, and have probably seen this. I heard Mark Allen on a podcast talki g about how Duel in the Sun was inaccurate (I’m sure you know this) and he and Dave had collaborated with a guy to get their sides of the story out. It’s generally well done, in my view, although there are some typos. Here’s the link.

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