Sept. 23-29

I’ve decided to start “blogging” again, but I also decided I’m not going to spend too much time on it. Sorry/not sorry. I already write the weekly newsletter and record the podcast if you really want triathlon news, and I post on Instagram fairly regularly. (I’m not as much on the other socials right now, because it started to feel like I should get paid for the amount of time and energy people were demanding. And I’m really not into working for free at the moment.)

But, for a number of reasons, it still seemed worth it to log my own personal training and life more on the regular. So I have a record. So it exists. So that’s all this is going to be. At least for now. At least until some other things get sorted out. Mini-recaps of my weeks, just about me, not about any bigger societal issues. And you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. My blog, my life. That’s it.


Classic rest day. To the point that I wanted to ice bath, but then decided I should first clean the bathtub and bathroom. It was the kind of day I needed, and the laundry definitely needed to be put away. Also sent out a lot of ‘hey, I’m back, wanna give me work?’ emails and tried to brainstorm, but my brain was tired. Naturally, the one actual thing I really had to finish — a script for an upcoming Bay Curious episode — I didn’t get done until like 6 p.m. Then still had to go to the grocery store. Classic.


Tuesday is always newsletter day. Banged out a drills and cadence-focused ride in the morning and then spent the middle of the day working. More ‘hey, $$??’ emails. Really could stand to have more and better ideas right now. Outlined the newsletter, but what with an appointment and then lifting heavy shit at the gym and then hitting Masters, I didn’t actually finish writing the newsletter until 9:30 p.m. or so.


Back at my bike fitter in the morning to fix my right cleat. Finally figured out my hamstring and knee issues are really TT position issues, not run issues. We took out the shim in my shoe and it should be better now. Then spent more time procrastinating my hard swim than actually swimming. Finally got in the 3,600y of hard, short-rest tempo. It was the hardest workout I’ve assigned myself (at least in awhile) and doing it solo when the legs felt heavy, the whole thing was ripe for me to bail. But I didn’t. Was so proud of myself. Then tried to run and it felt like death — the kind of six-mile run that makes you question if you can do a marathon in a month. So that was basically all the ups and downs of training wrapped up in one morning. Rest of afternoon spent burning up, dying, and sorting out logistics of plane tickets and outstanding medical bills. Recorded the podcast with Sara too. As we do on Wednesdays.


Rode to my massage appointment and back. Then spent the rest of the day working on assignments, lining up phone calls, following up with editors, and researching background info for a swimming project/assignment. Steve was gone for work, so made brownies and watched TV.


Friday was my big workout day, partially because I was trying to space out hard days and partially because I had a work thing all day Saturday. Drove over to Davis to ride long and hard. 70.3 pace happened, but did not feel amazing. Then ran a short build off the bike. Weirdly, 70.3 pace felt totally fine running. Did some slow-moving strength when I got home. Knocked out some food and edits, and then hit the pool. Timed it too to get on the bus after the swim and meet Steve at a ‘farm to fork street food festival.’ The festival wasn’t amazing, but I am convinced if running to catch the bus was the fourth discipline in triathlon, then I would be a world champ.


Left the house a little after 9 a.m. Got home around 6:30 p.m. Met an editor at Lake Del Valle to record a new podcast episode about swimming in reservoirs in the Bay Area and I figured I’d do my ride from there too. It was so windy, though, that at one point I was pedaling downhill and going 13 mph. Planned to get some real swimming in too, but got so so cold running in and out of the water for the mic that I had to put on warm, dry clothes and call it a day. Hopefully, at least one of our takes was decent.


Been circling this day on my workout schedule for a bit. Everyone posting their marathon workouts lately for Chicago and New York have been stressing me out, because my workouts have been, uh, less. Knew I had to get in at least something at pace moderately long. And I did. Took awhile to get out of bed, then to get out of the house, then to get moving. But it happened. Not the hardest I’ve ever run, but hard enough. Swam easy, ate, laundry-d, tried to finish a piece I said I’d turn in by the end of the week, and then gonna easy double run this evening. Because I’m not sure I can run a marathon entirely on swim fitness.

2 thoughts on “Sept. 23-29

  1. I liked reading this Kelly. Obviously not a medium people ever really use anymore. Your week to week, basically day to day is fine. People will see the truth of life. Even of people who are “professional” in whatever.

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