Year 2, Week 9: Time to Run Really Far

I’ve decided I probably won’t keep doing these weekly recaps of my life. Not that I won’t continue to tell you all the excruciating details of my life; it’ll just be with less scheduled regularity. With the Wednesday newsletter and Friday podcast — even if those are more about triathlon stuff — that really feels like as much of a weekly dose of Kelly as anyone needs. So if you just aren’t completely fulfilled and scintillated by my Twitter or Instagram, you should probably sign up for the newsletter or re-read all my weekly training recaps from the last year. Or, just wait a little while, because I’ll still blog plenty (just not every Monday).

This Saturday is the Way Too Cool 50K. This is currently the forecast:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 7.23.00 PM

I had basically settled on all my gear and shoe and clothes and food choices. Was set and ready to go (as much as one can be ready to go). Those choices, however, were based on what the weather’s been like all winter — ie. 60-70 degrees and sunny. Now, I’m having to slightly re-plan, well, everything. The only upside, as far as I can tell, is 1. at least in the scheme of all people I have more cold rainy trail running experience than most, and 2. Steve thinks it’ll be interesting now.

This past Saturday I needed to do my last tempo/hard run on the trails. Steve left for a work thing. I packed up my bag to go to the trailhead, then the pool, then the store. Except I forgot that Friday, while I was driving into work, our car finally gave out (the one I crashed into a hill four years ago) and I abandoned it in the city. Not totally abandon. I was going to abandon it and was looking up the ‘donate your car’ phone number, but then this mechanic convinced me he could fix it for JUST A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS. But, on Saturday morning, I forgot all that. And started to walk out the door before I remembered I didn’t have another car.

Which is how I ended up running the trails above our house, which I never do because they are straight up, and rocky, and rutted. I ran my tempo efforts — 20′, 15′, 10′, 5′ as build — up and then a little bit across and then flipped around and back down. And I was trying to go by feel and practice different terrain, pushing the pace when I could. So as I was coming back down the steep rocky rutted fire road, I was pumping my arms and running hard, hitting sub-6:00 effort, barely looking up from the trail ahead, trying to keep my footing and skip across the ruts, and it occurred to me: If I slip right now, it is *really* going to hurt.

Yes, this is running as a metaphor for life. Kind of a heavy-handed one too.

But I didn’t slip. And I finished my run, and I still have no idea what 50K pace is, but probably less hard than that.

After I got home, and after I got the car from Steve and swam and went to the store, I was making food and Snoop Lion was running around the house and screaming, because it’s his favorite activity. There’s a 24-can box of Miller Lite that was sitting on the floor next to the counter and Snoop kept sticking his head in the hole and trying to chew the box open and hit the cans around so they’d roll. He was determined. Turns out, he managed to actually finally open a beer by piercing a hole in the can. I found this out when I couldn’t figure out what the puddle was he was licking.

That’s not a metaphor for anything. I just thought it was hilarious.


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