Week 29: Have you never been miserable before?

We keep moving on and weeks pass. You can read all my weekly recaps here.

San Francisco hit a record high temperature on Friday. Not, like, for Sept. 1. For ever. It has never been that hot in the city. Then it was hotter on Saturday.

It was bad, and part of the problem was a bunch of smoke had blown in from the massive fires up north and then the weird pressure system that was making it so hot also trapped the smoke. It was really not good, particularly since the weather was super weird and it didn’t cool down overnight or on the coast or in any of the ways and places it’s supposed to. And the smoke is actually really unhealthy and dangerous; you had to just wait for it to clear some, no point in trying to train through. It was all bad, but, still, it wasn’t that bad.

I get that heat is the #1 weather-related killer. And plenty of people have illnesses or are elderly or physically have problems with that kind of heat.

But, if you don’t, then seriously, go outside sometimes, train not just when the weather is perfect, stop telling me there are no seasons in the Bay Area — when I spent half the winter getting flooded out on my bike and hypothermic. It might have never been this hot in the city before, but it gets this hot at my house almost every year. I’ve already gotten stuck melting on the side of the road at least once this summer. So, yes, riding and running this weekend sucked. Of course it sucked, no kidding. Have you never been miserable before?

This weekend I’m racing Santa Cruz. Not really sure how that’s going to go. Recovery’s been coming along, up and down. Some days I’m nailing it, some days I’m not. Either way, Sunday is going to be miserable. Like it has been before. Of course.

One thought on “Week 29: Have you never been miserable before?

  1. The central issue with always viewing working out (or really anything) as some sort of rainbows and unicorns Instagram moment… it leaves a person unprepared for the ordinary, daily, miserableness. IMHO.

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