What’s Your Triathlon IQ? Fun AND Fundraising. Wow.

A few months ago, the Health IQ people asked me to contribute a question to their Triathlon IQ quiz. I did (and my question is amazing), and then I sort of forgot about it.


To promote the quiz and their other health quizzes, they’re donating $1 to my charity of choice for every person who takes the quiz via my link. Cool, but I figured since my mom is the probably the only person who will click on it, that wouldn’t amount to much of a donation.

But then, Hillary and Alyssa asked us to all help raise money for Exceeding Expectation, which sends kids to college who otherwise wouldn’t have the means. They’re trying to raise the money right now for a specific kid, John Alvarez. (You can read more about what they’re trying to do on Alyssa’s blog.)

So if you take the quiz, $1 will go to help John (and his siblings) exceed expectations. And Health IQ says that offer’s good across all the contributors until the $20,000 they have set aside for donations is claimed. So.

Life Insurance: Special Rates for Triathletes by Health IQ


Quiz: What's Your Triathlon IQ?



Powered by Insurance for the Health Conscious - Health IQLearn About Life


Twanee GibsonEndurance Coachcoachtawnee.com

Kelly O’ MaraPro Triathletesunnyrunning.com

Rich SoaresPodcast Hostmilehighendurance.com

Amber FerreiraPro Triathletehttp://amberferreira.blogspot.com/

Matthew BachPro Triathleteironmattbach.com

Alison DuttonPodcast Hostenduranceladies.com


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Laurel WassnerPro Triathleteathletefood.com

Terry LaughlinSwimming Coachwww.totalimmersion.net

Brock BigardEndurance Coachhttps://totaltriathlon.com

Lisa RobertsPro Triathletelisajroberts.com

Mikael ErikssonTriathlete Coachscientifictriathlon.com

Sarah AlexanderPro Triathletesarahealexander.com

Questions Approved By:

Siri Lindley - Two -Time Triathlon World Champion & Team Sirius Head Coach

Siri Lindley

Head Coach (Team Sirius) and 2X World Triathlon Champion

Siri Lindley dominated the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Rankings, winning 13 World Cup races between 2000-2002 and was the 2001 ITU World Champion. Siri won the World Cup Series both years by being the #1 ranked triathlete in the world!


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Cody Beals - Pro Triathlete

Cody Beals

11X Ironman 70.3 Podium Finisher

Cody is a Canadian professional triathlete. His resume includes multiple IRONMAN 70.3 titles and bike course records. Cody prides himself in taking an evidence-based, data-driven approach to training and racing.


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USA Triathlon

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Triathlon IQ? Fun AND Fundraising. Wow.

  1. Done! There were no options for Canadians so I chose Washington since it’s the closest state to me… and I don’t need the health insurance sales pitch at the end 🙂

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