Week 11: This is What People Do

Because I’m nursing a mildly injured calf, workouts got moved around and I ended up with a rest day yesterday. A rest day on the weekend? What do you even do with that time?

Walking through downtown to meet a friend for a burrito and beer, there were so many people out, heading to different restaurants, eating brunch on patios, enjoying the sun. Things are really busy, I thought, this is weird. And then I realized this is basically what it’s like every nice Sunday afternoon. This is, apparently, what people do with their weekends. I just never see it.

Yesterday, I also went to put my wheel back in my new bike and it slipped out of my hand, and the chainring landed right on my toe. Since it’s so new, the chain rings are extra sharp. There was a lot of blood.

I’m not going anywhere with that story. It’s just something that happened.

Here are some other things that happened:

  • I rode my new bike! It took a little bit of time to get it all set and fit to me. I don’t feel small, but turns out I’m kind of small.

    It makes a whistling sound when you ride it, as the wind whips by where the seat post isn’t. Hillary says it’s the sound of speed.
  • I skipped a workout on Tuesday. The last time I skipped a workout was when we were up in Tahoe and my mom was visiting and I went to the pool but there was a *surprise* swim meet going on and no other pool open. I ended up swimming the next day and it sort of sucked.

    I don’t, obviously, generally skip workouts. I don’t know that it’s really worth going into the details, but I was a mess and it happened. Now, I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again, which sort of involves burying myself constantly. It’s exhausting.
  • Another thing that happened is I heard my calf seize up at the end of a hard (very hard, but you can’t be a quitter now, so decide what you’re going to do if you fall off the treadmill: get back on?) run. That was Thursday. I ran again today and am limping again, so we’ll see I guess.

Other things happened, but who even knows what they were. I stopped crying constantly. I caught up on most assignments. I trained. I trained more. I tried out this idea I’m actually a goddamn professional. Sometimes, on a run, I think that to myself and I imagine it’s true and people are watching me.

And then sometimes I think it’d be so much nicer just to be happy having brunch every Sunday. And then I have to stop thinking that because it makes me want to quit in the middle of running circles around and around and around the track. And we don’t do that, right?

4 thoughts on “Week 11: This is What People Do

  1. I go back and forth between whether it helps or hurts in the middle of a hard workout to think about all the nice things you could be doing otherwise. Like, sometimes it helps me a LOT to say, “Well, but you can drink an ENTIRE PITCHER of margarita after this if you want, you have earned it,” even though in the back of my mind I know that 9 times out of 10 I finish the workout & go, “Meh, don’t feel like margarita.” But at other times it just makes me bitter & demoralized.

    1. I basically can never think about that because I start this whole cycle of ‘why eve do this, no one cares, you have other things you’re good at, you could just focus on your career and run the casual 5K every now and then and drink beer and no one gives a shit but you.’ So yeah I pretty much have to think ‘YOU MUST FINISH THIS’ the whole time.

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