Week 3: Is That Fitness I Spot?

Time for the weekly recap of professional triathlete life. Things are starting to get back on schedule, now that it’s been three whole weeks. Check out week 1 or week 2 to catch up. Short version: train, work, train, sleep.

Do you like my new site? Fancy, huh. That’s one of the things I accomplished this week. Other things I accomplished: my workouts.

My massage guy said I’m getting skinny. Which, factually, isn’t actually true, but I think he meant I’m getting fit. Which is sort of true. A little bit.

Most of the time I don’t know if I’m tired or fit or stressed or successful. Every day is just another day. There were a few clues this week, though. Signs. I hit a hard bike workout on the trainer on Tuesday — even after a doctor’s appointment down in Stanford and shoving a poke bowl down my mouth, because I’m a sucker for poke bowls, even though they’re never as good as they were in Hawaii. It wasn’t the best 12 x 3′ I’ve ever done, but it was closer than I expected for the last day of February. And Wednesday I swam the fastest 300y I’ve ever swum. (Which, for transparency’s sake, was a 3:41. And also included paddles and a pull buoy. But, still. I’ve never even been close to that fast.) Then I ran fast, then I biked long and hard. Things are starting to come back around.

Saturday evening our Prius’ alarm went haywire. It kept going on and off. It wouldn’t stop, even while I was sitting in the car with the key — as I had to explain to every neighbor who came out to ask if it was my car. *Do you think I just broke into it, set the alarm off, and decided to keep sitting here??* Ultimately, I got it towed to the dealer, so they could replace the battery. It wasn’t until a day later, when someone asked why I didn’t just drive it to the dealer myself, that I realized I could have driven it to the dealer myself.

Sunday I was running through the neighborhood and missed my turn. I started to make the turn, then I thought, ‘that doesn’t look right,’ and I turned back around. Then I kept running and running, thinking ‘this seems far, I should be there by now.’ IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. That I’ve run 2-3x/week for seven years.

Those are the signs I might be tired. I might be getting fit.

(My super amazing advice was included in an ebook of top athletes sharing recover and injury prevention tips. Caveat: Everyone else is a much, much more impressive athlete. Not sure how I snuck in there.)


One thought on “Week 3: Is That Fitness I Spot?

  1. Hi Kelly, I’ve been reading your blog ever since I discovered the hilarity that is “ask a random triathlete,” which was… some time ago. Today I was shocked and even a little freaked out reading your blog because it was like reading my own thoughts exactly, specifically the part about getting kinda-lost in your own neighbourhood. I can run the same route every week for years but if something is slightly off–if there’s a light dusting of snow or if I run at a different time of day or if the planets align a certain way or if it’s a day of the week starting with T or S or something, I’ll suddenly find myself running along, totally unsure of where my turn is (was), wondering how that’s even possible, concerned about my own sanity. Thanks for making me feel like it’s not just me.

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