Day 1, Week 1

After I got my USA Triathlon pro/elite license in the mail last week, I went through the Ironman Pro Registration this weekend, handed over my $950 (which includes all Ironman branded races for the year + stupid Active fees) and filled out a form listing all my “support personnel.” Which, honestly, after I listed Hillary, I was like, uhhh, who else supports me? Maybe my fancy new Stanford heart doctor? Even though he’s not really helping my training, but more figuring out if/how to fix this hereditary arrhythmia issue. I guess that counts as personnel.

And that makes this Week 1, Day 1 of being a professional triathlete.

So far it’s kind of like the other days before. As in, I worked fill-in at the NPR station, sent some emails and made some calls for stories, ate a few brownies and fancy cheese, and am now watching TV.

Today was also the announcement of the 2017 Smash-Dimond team, so I get to finally tell people about the awesome women’s team I’m helping manage this year. Yay!


What that means is while I’m going to continue working with Freeplay Magazine (since I’ve been writing for them since I first decided to start freelancing and stop news reporting), I get to support and be supported by these two new companies this year.

Smashfest Queen is the women’s triathlon line started by Hillary and her partner Michele. And, I could talk extensively about the growth of the women’s athletic industry in the last few years — it’s actually, for real, something I’m an expert in (oooh, $$ idea: I should start a consulting business) — but I tend to prefer the ones run for and by women. Plus, the stuff is cute and I hadn’t bought any new cycling kits in about seven years, because I kept thinking, ‘eh, this triathlon thing isn’t going to stick.’ Now, since I’m truly committing to it sticking, it was time to stop wearing shorts with holes in them. And, Steve says I don’t need to buy any more tights, but what does he know. Tights are basically pants that double as running clothes. Do jeans do that? No.

Super big bonus: I am finally upgrading my bike to something very worthy of racing professionally.  I’m mildly concerned I’ll forget that I still need to pedal my new Dimond, because sometimes when I have really, really nice stuff I have a tendency to subconsciously be like, ‘No worries, it’ll just do the work for me.’ Turns out, that’s not totally how it works. But, also, I can’t jinx myself anymore with the argument, ‘It’s not me who’s sucking right now, it’s my six-year-old low-level bike.’ Moving forward, it will definitely be on me.

That was Day 1. Day 2: Get back to training.

One thought on “Day 1, Week 1

  1. Reminds me of the conversation between Dad and Sparky at The Four Moon…
    Dad: So how are things going?
    Sparky: Honestly, today is pretty much exactly the same as this same day a year ago.
    Dad: How was that day?
    Sparky: Pretty good.

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