In Case You Were Wondering Where All My Random Thoughts About Triathlon Have Gone

In other items:

  • We also started co-hosting a podcast, Locker Room Talk. It’s actually not terrible (I promise), though this most recent episode I sounded weirdly spastic and said “like” like way too many times.
  • I had a minor meltdown last week, semi-Gilmore Girls related, semi-life related.
  • It went like this: What am I even doing with my life? If I’m going to seriously race professionally, then I need to create that space in my life to be a real professional about things. But, also, I need money now not later. And, generally, I like writing and reporting things that I think are interesting and worthwhile, and I like the internet (sometimes), and I do also care about that half of my career. It’s something I think is valuable. Though I don’t always think all the things I do are valuable, but I need money and some of them are fun, whatever. And we can’t 100% love everything in life. But maybe I should actually finally write that book I want to write, contribute to the world, and people’s understanding of each other, and all that. Especially at this point in the time. But does it even matter if no one cares about what you put all the work and time into reporting and writing. And, anyway, a book proposal is the opposite of ‘creating space in my life’ and ‘making money.’ Also sports have value in their own right too, as an end themselves and as a means to other end. And if I’m going to do that I better do it good. So. That’s how you end up laying on the couch crying about why Rory didn’t just accept Logan’s proposal in the first place.
  • I signed up for the Surf City Marathon on Feb. 5.
  • I don’t know what else I’m doing next year. Most likely late two Ironmans. I think I’ve picked. And some other things, waiting to see. The uncertainty is killing me.

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