5 thoughts on “ICYMI, I’ve been writing these weekly ‘Ask A Random Triathlete’ advice columns, which are kind of my favorite thing I write every week, even if they only crack me and six other people up.

  1. LOL’ed at this: “Are you under the mistaken impression that women ride horizontally off the front of their saddles, with the nose jammed up inside them like a vibrator?” Excited to read more of this column!

  2. I totally get you, Kelly! I’m not that great of a runner and I’m a lot (a lot!) older than you are, but I get out there and pound out the miles regardless, and I sweat and I cry and I swear and I’m everything older women aren’t supposed to be. So, yeah, fuck the comments, eh? P.S. I’ve also put my life on hold, withdrew from the corporate race, to write novels and essays and poems. I’m working menial jobs, living off my savings, running trails and spending half the night writing, and I’ve never, ever been happier. I admire your spirit. You totally, totally rock.

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