The Costs of Triathlon

The other day I was so tired I forgot to pay for daily parking. Literally just forgot. And it’s not like it’s secret that you have to pay a day fee for parking. I walked out of the lot and didn’t think about it again until I got back. Which made me think the $45 ticket is part of the cost of triathlon, since I was just so wrecked my brain was fried.

What else would count as part of the cost of triathlon? (Besides all the clothes + shoes + equipment + travel + races + hotels + doctor’s appointments + gym memberships. Ugh.)

  • Lots of pairs of headphones — now that I’m running on the treadmill 1-2x/wk I am frying headphones at an alarming rate
  • Which means you can also add the long-term effects to my hearing to the list of eventual triathlon costs, because you have to turn up the sound really high on the treadmill
  • Food, so much food, all the food, and since I’m too tired to make food I have to keep buying it already prepared
  • Lost income from the work I don’t do because I fall asleep on the floor
  • The super amazing magazine/producer/angrier-version-of-Oprah job I don’t have, obviously, because of triathlon
  • Healthy relationships. Hah.

3 thoughts on “The Costs of Triathlon

  1. + TrainerRoad / Strava Premium / USAT subscriptions (if you’re into those)
    + Netflix / surpassing data to listen / watch things on the trainer
    + Cycling tickets (oops)
    + Coffees / pastries purchased under social pressure during long rides (ok, I’m not socially pressured at all, as proven from my being first in line)

    1. I have never gotten a cycling ticket. Somehow.

      I did forget to add: need to redo wood floors + paint on walls from bike scratches and marks from the trainer.

  2. Ooh, the cycling ticket – got one of those last year. I still think about how I could have used those $175…

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