What Athletes Eat

I’ve been doing a decent number of stories recently about what athletes eat, like this one and this one. And it’s a topic that people really want to know about. It’s definitely one of the most common things people ask: Do you have to, like, eat special stuff?

It turns out that maybe what is holding me back from being an awesome athlete is my inability to cook anything. If you did a ‘What Kelly Eats’ it would be: burrito, sushi, hamburger, burrito, guacamole, guacamole, guacamole. When I do make food, most of the time — if I’m not making a hamburger — I follow my super secret recipe for eating quickly and without any hassle. Here you go:

  1. Buy a lot of good frozen meals, so that you always have a well-stocked freezer. Most of these are good and this one and this one are good.
  2. Select a meal. Put it in the microwave.
  3. Take it out of the microwave after the directed amount of time. Dump it on top of a bed of lettuce on a plate.
  4. Cut up half an avocado across the top. Add hummus, to taste.
  5. Eat with a beer.

There you go. The secret fuel of athletes too hungry and too tired to deal with anything.

2 thoughts on “What Athletes Eat

  1. We have the exact same cooking style, down to the ‘eat with a beer.’ However, I eat quite a lot of pizza and most of my frozen meals come from Trader Joe’s.

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