Things I Now 100% Endorse for an Ironman

Imodium – that shit (heh) is amazing
Vorgee goggles – seriously the only ones I wear, which I recognize is weird since they come from the UK, but whatever
Drinking your calories – specifically in the form of high-calorie doses of Infinit and Gu Roctane (this comes with the ‘don’t be an idiot’ caveat — you still need to drink water)
Trucker hats – do not even care if they’re not cool anymore; they’re basically ideal for not getting too hot or too sunburned
Hoka Clifton 2 – I actually am not 100% nuts about these shoes for pure runs, but for long or hard runs after rides, when your legs are already trashed, any cons are totally outweighed by the pro of how much less awful your legs feel

5 thoughts on “Things I Now 100% Endorse for an Ironman

  1. Is there a particular type of Vorgee goggle you’ve found that you’d recommend? After being underwhelmed with my last couple pairs of goggles I’m looking to try out a new brand and am interested in what they offer, but it’s tough to make a determination when ordering online.

    1. These are the ones I use: I know it’s sort of ridiculous they’re UK/Canada only, but I love them. They fit my face and don’t get fogged up and last FOREVER. Actually, I’ve had two pairs since last summer and this just made me think I should order more. But, obviously, not everyone loves them as much as me. My husband only wears the way thicker Speedo googles, ugh.

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