Training Week 17: Feb. 23-March 1

Ah, shit, the marathon is almost here! And also triathlon!

I had to cut back on some things in my life schedule, because I had simply completely overbooked myself and could not physically be in multiple places at the same time. (Seriously, whenever I end up listing all the stuff I’m doing, people always get really worried that I’m going to make it. So, I stopped telling people all of it, because it just stressed me out.) The two little changes seem to be helping, though. I’m actually almost feeling like a person again.

Of course, on the other hand, I started Googling some of my symptoms today and it turns out even my vague paranoia could be the result of a vitamin deficiency.

So, there’s that.


Biked the 12 miles to school easy.


So tired from UCSD still. Got home so late the night before. Must sleep so much.


The Very LA Training Day: Ran 18-something hilly a.f. miles. Yet, I held up surprisingly well for having no water and trying to swallow my own spit for the last hour.

Swam 2,600 yards with The Kids, hard. I’m not sure it was fast, but it was definitely hard.


Swam 1,000 yards easy. Yoga’d and rolled when I got home.


I told myself this was my last for-real-hard workout that counts before the marathon. You don’t get fit in the last two weeks, you just cash it in. So, my plan was to run two-mile repeats between half-marathon and marathon goal pace. Typically, one runs these starting at marathon pace and descending down to half-marathon pace, but not me. I decided I was actually curious what ascending intervals would feel like instead. In case you were wondering: they suck in a different way. I wasn’t 100 percent sure how many I was going to do either, so I figured I might as well start with the hard ones. And, since I have never run a negative split in a race ever, it seems like I ought to (realistically) work on hanging on to the pace I need once I’m already tired. I did 3 x two-miles at [6:24/6:31, 6:42/6:45, 6:55/6:55]. The astute observer might notice that 6:55 is not my marathon pace, but since I got them under 7:00 I called it a workout. Also: I ran them on the track. This is insane. I do not recommend it.

Did some TRX and light strength at the gym. Then, swam 1,000 yards easy.


Obstacle Course Race. I did this pretty casually because I was GoPro-ing it for my short documentary about obstacle course racing. And, by casually, I mean I took a detour in the middle of the race to jog to my car, change the GoPro battery, and then jog back to where I had gone off course. I also walked some. So, no, it was not a race.

However. I still ended up 2nd out of all the non-elite women. This has prompted me to decide 1. that I need to actually race an actual elite heat, so I can see how I stack up and 2. that I am going to become a professional OCR athlete. After I work on my monkey bar skills. Obviously.

For all that it wasn’t a race, though, it’s not hard to see from this photo how I ended up with huge nasty rope burn down the back of my right leg that isn’t healing super well:



Along with the rope burn, I had random other cuts and a couple bruises and was tired and sore from the Friday-Saturday combo. Rode just over two hours relatively moderately in Malibu, finishing right before it started to pour rain. Did not swim.

TOTAL: 10:05

Alright, alright, alright. I am not unfit right now. I am also not in a super ideal spot health-, life- or stress-wise either. I am not sure which of these things is going to win out in two weeks. I think it’s going to all come down to a mental battle, because I’m pretty positive that physically I can run my goal time. I’m just not sure if mentally I can. So, if you see me on the LA Marathon course, you have to yell at me to get my shit together and pick it the fuck up. Those words exactly, please.

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