A Very #LA Training Day

Last week I did one of my last big training days/runs before the L.A. Marathon. It ended up being a very LA training day.

First, since I had to drive out to Malibu, I figured I’d stop and run on the trails on my way. Always make the most of your driving #LAlesson. I picked a trail that I was pretty sure was going to be an ok trail—since so many trails around here are, well, not. And, I headed out.

Of course, I got stuck in traffic on my way. How was I supposed to know this random side street comes to a complete stop at commute time? #LAlife

Once I got there, though, Sullivan Canyon was great. It’s a gradual up—because all trails here either go up or down (which is maybe my second biggest complaint about running on the trails here)—but it wasn’t so bad that you weren’t able to actually run.


I, stupidly, thought I would go out the canyon, up to the ridge, down the ridge, and back into the canyon. Google Maps made it seem like they’d connect. FYI: They don’t connect. But, I had to learn this on my own.

In order to learn this, I ended up enlisting the help of Jennifer Garner. Naturally. It was basically an episode of Alias.

After I’d been running for a century (or, like, over an hour), I still hadn’t found the trail back down and I was getting thirsty. So, I stopped and asked three Hollywood-esque 30-something women walking by if they knew how to get back to my car (so I could get some water). They all sort of shrugged and one of them started to say that she has literally never set foot off this path, and I looked at her—because you should look at people when they talk to you—and I realized that it’s Jennifer Garner. #LA

What was funny was that it took me no time to realize who it was once I looked at her. Sydney Bristow, you can’t hide!

That buoyed me for a little bit, which was just as well, because I had to run all the way back the way I had come. And, of course, because #LA, the whole way back up the ridge was uphill. By the time I got back to my car, I’d been running for 2 hours and 30 minutes without water. I chugged a bottle and then went out for 15 more minutes to round out my run.

Then, I drove to Malibu.

Then, I drove back to USC.

Then, I had a glass of wine and went to swim practice. (OK, that’s maybe not especially an LA thing.) And, I swear to God, I almost drowned at swim practice. I pushed off the wall before realizing I didn’t have my goggles on. I almost got lapped on a 200-yard interval. I flailed and struggled. And, then, my foot seized up and cramped on the cooldown and I couldn’t move it.

Yay, almost done with marathon training!

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