Training Week 14: Feb. 2 – 8

Last week was all about getting un-sick. And, it mostly worked. Fingers crossed, but this may be the first time I’ve gotten a cold and not also gotten a debilitating cough for weeks after.

The frustrating half of that was, obviously, the fact that I basically can’t seem to get back into a training groove since school started. I spend all my time, instead, having mild panic attacks about how many things are due and how I may have overbooked myself but it’s too late to cut anything loose.

But—and it’s a big but—I’m changing my peak focus for the spring, so I have a few more weeks to get ready.

It’s official, now: I’m going to race collegiate triathlon nationals at the end of April with The Kids. It’ll be fun and fast, hopefully, and it means that I’m not going to focus as much on the L.A. Marathon. I’m still planning to run it, but I’m spending more of my training re-learning Olympic distance race pace. I hope. And, anyway, I was doing a heavy cross-training marathon plan, so it should all work out. You know, hopefully.


Swam 1,000 yards after the Race That Sucked.


God, I still felt awful. Nothing.


Woke up with a cold, so didn’t do the long ride I was planning. Alternatively, just rode 20 miles easy on the bike path.

Swam about 1,500 yards with The Kids in the evening. I was going to do the whole practice, but I felt pretty awful, so I went home and coughed myself awake all night instead.


Ran a bit over 5 miles easy with Natalie in the morning. It felt like death.


Since I felt like death, I slept 11 hours Thursday night and did nothing Friday.


Rode 24 hilly-ish miles in Palos Verdes with The Kids. I was going to run after, because I was going to try to get back on schedule and test my legs. But, we started from this house on top of a hill, so I didn’t really feel like running downhill and then back up. Oh well.


UCLA Aquathlon. Given what the rest of my week looked like, in retrospect, I’m surprised I kept it together for this actually at all. Plus a couple miles running before and after, and a few minutes of swimming warm-up.

TOTAL: 5:15

Haha. Yeah.

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