Things We Could Add to Triathlon

Sunday, I’m racing an aquathon with The Kids—that is a swim + run. I’m not actually, probably, going to do that well, especially since I’m currently knocking myself out with Nyquil to avoid this cold turning into bronchitis again, because my body basically decided things were just going too easy lately.

But, really, the problem is that I do better the more things that are added to a race. I do better in any of the two disciplines than in a stand-alone race. I do best in triathlon. I’m pretty sure I would do even better if you added another leg to triathlon. It almost doesn’t even matter what it is, because if you had to swim and bike and run first, then we’re already weeding out most people. And, my specialty is being pretty good at lots of things, but never really good at any one thing, so the more the better.

So far, in terms of things that could be added to a triathlon that would make me like one of the best, I have:

  • Some kind of weight-lifting/Crossfit
  • A reading or writing test
  • A math test
  • OK, screw it, any kind of test that isn’t foreign language or chemistry
  • A wine-drinking contest (for volume, not speed)
  • Maybe cross-country skiing if you give me a few more tries to get good

Any other ideas?

4 thoughts on “Things We Could Add to Triathlon

  1. I am utterly terrified of both road cycling and open water swimming, which is why the odds of my ever getting into triathlon are pretty swim. On the other hand, I have a friend who has the same fears, and we both really enjoy running, yoga, & martial arts, so we’ve often joked that we should create some kind of alternative triathlon featuring those sports, purely so that we could win at something.

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