Training Week 12: Jan. 19-25

So, here’s the thing. I took a rest week last week and I got more tired. I basically spent the whole week in a smashed, tired little ball, lying on my bed. I am not even making that up. There’s something about as soon as you give your body a break, it’s all: ‘Ohh, this is what that’s like?! Well, screw it, I’m out, bitches!’

On the other hand, I’ve been feeling (maybe) better this week. And, hopefully, I’ll be faster for the half-marathon this weekend.


Ran a hard 12 1/2 miles on trails with my brother-in-law. It wasn’t that hard—most of it was chill and moderately easy—but there were parts that I was pretty sure we were running fast, which my Garmin totally later confirmed we were.

Nate’s strength class after. By that night, oh man, my legs physically hurt so much that I was actually positive the bones inside them were hurting.


Swam 1,000 yards. And, you’re lucky I even got that much done. Everything still hurt so much.


Swam 2,700 yards with The Kids. This included an 800 straight. See, the thing about swimming with The Kids is that pretty much everyone on the faster half of the pool could beat me at a 100-yard race. But, almost none of them could beat me at ten of those in a row. I got stamina. So, this was my kind of night.


Oh god. My body just like quit on me overnight. I started throwing up. When I woke up in the morning to shower and get dressed, it was. not. happening. Not even a little bit. I ended up sleeping about 15 hours.


20 minutes of yoga and rolling.


In the morning—and I mean 4 a.m. morning—I had to drive out to Temecula to film a Spartan Race for a documentary I’m working on about obstacle course racing. Running around the obstacles with a camera made me realize that my ankle, which had been sore for a few days after Monday’s trail/strength extravaganza, was still really hurting.

Rode 10 miles easy on the beach path (with three 1 minute pick-ups) just to shake it out and make sure I could get back to training soon.


Went to Long Beach with The Kids for some open water practice. We did one 1,000-meter(ish) loop moderately hard as race practice and then The Kids ran, but as soon as I took a few steps in the sand it was clear my ankle was not up for running. Why? Because my body quit on me. So, I swam another loop.

TOTAL: 5:35

Hopefully, now, I am rested?

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