Training Week 11: Jan. 12 – 18

I’m in that rut where you wonder how you manage to fill so much time every day and what did you do exactly and weren’t there important work things you had on your agenda? And, then, you realize that all your time is getting used up with being tired from training, and driving to and from training, and switching parts on your bikes, and actually training. It’s exhausting.


Rode 23 miles moderately easy/medium along the beach. I was going to do some short efforts, but was pretty wiped out from coming back down to L.A., starting classes, and hard workouts over the weekend. So, no.

Swam 1,400 yards easy.


Ran track with The Kids, which I was primarily doing just to hang out, check in with the team, etc. After my hard track workout on Sunday, I wasn’t eager to do another, so I was sort of just tempo-ing the 2 x [1200 meters – 800 meters – 400 meters]. Also, I took one of the 400s off to go to the bathroom. But, what was impressive to me was that I was running a pace that felt good and sustainable and fast but not too fast, yet I was knocking out like 3:05 half-miles. Bam. And, yeah, I did end up running a couple laps hard-ish then, because, you know, when you’re feeling it you’re feeling it.

Did some TRX and strength work at the gym before showering to eat a quick breakfast, send some emails, and head to class.


Ran 1:56 (a bit over 14 miles I think). And, yay, I finally found a trail I like in L.A.! I started on the trail at the Rose Bowl, went up to JPL, and then into the Angeles National Forest. It’s insane that you start down by the Rose Bowl, where there are probably close to 100 people jogging and pushing strollers. Then, by the time I turned around an hour in, way back into the national forest, there was no one on the rocky trail and I had stuffed my headphones in my bra so that I could hear any mountain lions coming—which I’m 100 percent sure were lurking in the scrub. Ran fast and hard towards the end on the way back just for fun and just to prove to myself that I could. FYI, I can.

Swam 3,000 yards with The Kids in the evening. Lots of 100s and long efforts of 300 to 500 yards.


Easy 14 mile bike around the coast in the morning.


Sometimes you got to do the hard workout even when you’re not feeling like the hard workout, because that’s the day it has to be done. Ran a tad over 10 miles with 20 minutes at Goal Marathon Pace and then 20 minutes at around half marathon pace, with five minutes jogging in between. The GMP part was surprisingly not bad. I ran 7:02, 6:58, and then 7:06 pace for the last not-quite-a-full-mile. The half-ish marathon pace part was nasty. I ran 6:33, 6:36, and 6:46, and called it immediately when the buzzer beeped for the third mile. And, then, I started walking to the mini-mart to use the bathroom, but I ended up having to run there or risk disaster. Extra speed work.

Light yoga, PT, and rolling when I got back.


Cross-country skied. About 12 miles for the day, which was not quick, but was fun.


Swam 4,500 yards at Masters. There are two practices on weekends, at 7:15 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Or, you can opt to do the double. I sort of did the double—as in I got out early. It was me and five fast guys doing it, so we all got our own lane and they basically just went on a totally different interval than I did. And, here’s a fun fact: I was swimming faster after an hour than I was at the start.

TOTAL: 13:00

You guys better watch out. If I can manage another two to three months without injury or freak accident, I might start having dreams of seeing just how good I can get.

2 thoughts on “Training Week 11: Jan. 12 – 18

  1. The JPL trails are great – and there are also trails that snake around La Canada, Flintridge that can be fun. They are horse trails but then they turn into a legit trail and take you around the Verdugo Hills. I have to confess that I think that I’d hate running if I lived in LA proper. While I get a bit tired of the Pasadena trails (the Arroyo again?!) at times, I really consider myself to have good access to the trails.

    1. I got to try La Canada. I keep feeling like there are more cool trails I just haven’t accessed yet. Because if I have to run on that stupid beach bike path one more time…

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