Training Week 7: Dec. 15-21

Yes, I am aware I have not been writing much lately and particularly not anything wildly interesting. I’m worn out by all the hand-wringing pseudo-intellectual “takes” on everything. The internet is boring me and I need/needed a break. Nothing but YA novels and TV marathons. And ideas, lots of ideas.

The holiday break is almost halfway over and I’m not in the most best shape ever yet. Commence freaking out.


Swam 1,500 yards easy. Sometimes after races my body gets really messed up and I can not get warm. This seemed to be the case Monday after the Christmas Relays. (It also happened after the UCLA race and is why I am now the proud owner of a USC sweatshirt and pair of tights bought in an emergency from the student store.)


Off. Of everything. Laid on the couch.


Ran six miles easy (like really easy) around the neighborhood to test my legs. The answer was my legs still felt terrible.


Rode 37 miles around Nicasio, at a moderate effort. I finally fixed all the dead batteries in my PowerTap, so that was a plus. On the downside, it turns out I’m not holding very high power.

Steve and I went to TRX in the evening. And, then I swam 1,100 yards easy.


Ran five miles. I was going to go to Masters, but it was storming when I woke up, so there was no way the pool wasn’t closed. Figured I’d do my tempo mile repeat workout I’d been planning instead, but I wasn’t sure if my body was up to it yet. And, it turned out it wasn’t. After one miserable mile at 6:38 pace or something (which was not exactly the intended pace), I bailed. Easy jogged the rest and then did some yoga and rolling my legs out.


Justin was visiting, and him and Steve are having a debate about where the best riding is, here or L.A. That meant that even though we didn’t go to bed until 2 a.m., we headed out to ride the five hours to Tomales as a test of the question. Of course, it started raining and we opted to cut it short and ride Marshall instead — only 66 miles. There was lots of stopping and dicking around. And, I managed to hit a pothole, which popped my water bottle out of my seat cage and wedged it in my wheel, without crashing. Then, after I made fun of them for soft-pedaling too much, they basically dropped me on the way home.


Since we again didn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m., I slept through swimming in the morning. Rode the 25 minutes over the hill to pick up the car and ran at Phoenix Lake.

Ran just under two hours, with a variation of my favorite loop. With all the mud and puddle-jumping and ducking under fallen trees, it was slower going than usual, but that was fine by me.

TOTAL: 12:30

And, then, I got really, really sick Sunday night. So even though yesterday was supposed to be my fresh start, when I got back to work after taking a few days break, I ended up lying on the couch all day. Oh well.

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