Training Week 6: Dec. 8-14

I have this plan, see. My plan is to put in big training over the break, take advantage of the Marin riding and trails — we are, after all, the new secret trail running hotbed of the country — and then go into the very busy spring semester with a solid base, so that I can cut back on my volume and focus just on the intensity to prep for the L.A. Marathon and USAT Collegiate Nationals.

This is a super awesome plan. But, one of the key parts of the plan is not to overdo it too quickly this month, or the whole thing will be shot.


Steve wanted to run at Phoenix Lake before going to Nate’s Strength Class, but I wanted to run longer, so it seemed logical that I could run over our hill and meet him at Phoenix. However. I vastly underestimated how long it would take me to run there. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it and I thought it’d take about 35 to 40 minutes. About 15 minutes in, I realized it was going to take much, much longer. There’s nothing quite like running full speed down the street, cutting through downtown San Anselmo and dodging holiday shoppers. When I caught my breath after coming across the Ross Bridge, I did four more miles around the lake at ‘Steve speed.’

Then, we went to the strength class. Shockingly, I was kind of tired after all this.


Biked about 20 miles through China Camp just easy, just to get moving.

Some yoga and rolling. So tired.


I was not ready for a hard workout, but The Storm was coming, so what are you going to do. Ran about eight miles with four x [four minutes at “goal” 10K pace (6:20) – one minute rest – 30 second hill sprint]. I did the whole thing with two to two-and-a-half minutes rest between intervals, but when I got home I realized it was supposed to be three minutes rest. So. There.

Swam 2,200 moderately easy in the evening.


NOTHING WAS OPEN. Because #hellastorm. Did about 20 minutes of yoga and light core work.


Ran the four mile hilly trail loop from my house, followed by drills. I messed up my hamstring at some point this week and was doing a weird gimp run. Not good.

Swam 3,000-ish yards at the YMCA. Why “ish?” Because the Y is ridiculous.


Biked the Alpine Dam loop. It’s one of the best Marin bike routes, even though there’s a decent amount of stopping as you come and go through town, which I typically try to avoid. It was even better on Saturday, though, because Ridgecrest Road (where plenty of commercials are filmed due to the awesome-ness of the road) was closed to cars thanks to #hellastorm. Even the gate at Pantoll, where it connects to Highway 1, was closed. People were picnicking, hiking down the middle of the road, enjoying the emptiness. It was fantastic.


Christmas Relays.

I ran the 4.55 miles in 28:58. That’s pretty much the fastest I’ve done it — maybe I did it a few seconds faster two years ago. But, last time, I felt great. I was just rolling on people and enjoying myself. This time, I felt miserable and my messed up hamstring was sharply painful. I wanted to quit, but that’s hard to do in a relay. So, I slowed down and then hung on. And, then, oh look, I guess I didn’t run that slow after all. Not too bad.

TOTAL: 12:00

Look at that. I’m coming along. The Plan is working.

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