Training Week 5: Dec. 1-7

This was the last week in Los Angeles before finishing up the semester, so I had a lot of projects due and life. I gave myself a bit of a break on the workout front, then, especially considering that I knew when I got back to the Bay Area I was going to go nuts. Still, I got some solid work in and am ready for five really solid weeks in Marin. The biggest problem is going to be not overdoing it — which I’m already having trouble with.


I messed something up in my neck/shoulder swimming the day before. It meant that I only managed to swim 700 yards before I had to get out. Eh.


Ran on a treadmill, a treadmill. And, I ran a hard workout on the treadmill. This is shocking. The amount I hate treadmills can not be overstated. If I had to run on treadmills regularly, I’d never get off the couch. They are the worst. But, I slept through my planned wake-up in the morning and then it turned out it was pouring anyway. So, the only way to actually get the hard workout I needed in was to do it on a treadmill. You do what you got to do. Ran six miles with 30 minutes as [10 minutes at 6:55, 10 minutes at 7:15, 10 minutes at 6:55]. It was hard and I was dripping sweat. But, done.


Strength work at the USC gym: TRX, box jumps, some deadlifts, and basic physical therapy.

Swam about 3,800 yards with The Kids. We did a 3,200 yard workout of 200s and 100s at steady state. Then, we did silly relays.


After failing to get my bike to work, I decided to just do my easy run instead. Ran 5 miles slow, with drills and strides. Followed up by some basic yoga moves.


Rode the 11-12 miles to school (and then again back from school). Did not swim.

Did run the Beer Mile later in the day with The Kids. That totally counts as a workout, even though it didn’t so much work out my legs as much as other things.


Rode about 45 miles with Justin, partially up Mt. Baldy. It was a pretty solid ride with him and another one of the kids.



TOTAL: 9:40

My plan is to put in a month of solid, big base before heading back to school (with a very full schedule) in early January. Then, I’ll just be focused on more speed and building anyway, so this is totally, 100 percent going to work out. Really.

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