Training Week 4: Nov. 24-30

This past week was pretty close to as ideal as I could get it. The only thing I could have not screwed up better is if I actually swam more. I’m building my volume back up and easing in to bigger training. I got out on Marin trails and a few Marin rides, without too much rain. Now I just need to make sure I don’t overdo it too quickly.


Swam 2,000 yards easy with some drills and band swimming. (It was supposed to be more, but it wasn’t.)


Ran about two-and-a-half miles with drills and strides. A series of unfortunate circumstances stopped me from swimming — which is such a shame — so I just did light core and physical therapy instead.


Biked about 28 miles out to Nicasio and back on the time trial bike, just because I was so excited to be back in Marin.


Turkey Trot!


Biked the 63-mile Marshall Loop with Steve. This ride used to take me well over four hours. I’d call it a four-hour ride, but it was always closer to 4:30. This is the second time I’ve ridden it with Steve in under 3:50. Good times.


RAIN! I am not working out in the heavy rain yet. Also, I was tired.


Swam 3,200 yards at Masters in the rainy morning. People say swimming in the rain isn’t bad, because you’re already wet. These people are wrong. It was also the longest I’ve swum in months. And, the ugliest. It was not an amazing morning.

But, the rain cleared up, so headed out for a trail run at the watershed with Steve and Ilyce and Pete, because Marin. We did a bit under 10 miles in pretty much perfect running weather on pretty much perfect running trails. But, by the end, my legs were dragging and my left Achilles hurt and my neck hurt from swimming and I just wanted to sleep.

TOTAL: 10:35

This is the start of a more building base period — if that makes sense. It makes sense to me.

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