Training Week 2: Nov. 3 – 9

Week two was both better and worse than week one. Under the better column: I got in double-digit hours of training finally and I raced pretty well. On the bad side you can list the minor breakdown I had and overall tiredness.

Part of me knows I need to cut workouts when I have to get work done. But parts of me also know (from previous experience) that if I just power through, it’ll get better. In fact, doing the workouts can help with all the other stuff sometimes, forcing you to be organized and focused and jumpstarting the whole engine.


Biked an easy hour around the neighborhood to shake things out and to check out if Baldwin Hill would be a good place to run. (The answer is no, FYI)


Ran a bit over 7 miles in the morning with 20 minutes at marathon pace — only it didn’t feel like marathon pace.

Then did some light drills and strides in the afternoon, followed up by some PT and core and 900 yards of swimming.


Yoga class where I fell asleep.

Swam 2,350 yards with the tri team. More 400s but slower than the week before.


Rode about 45 miles down to Palos Verdes and around the peninsula with Justin. It’s pretty and the beach bike path to get there was OK, but there was a ton of traffic on the roads. Apparently no one in Palos Verdes works regular hours, which I totally get.


Rest, so much resting.


Rode about seven miles for a pre-race shake-out with the standard few hard pick-ups and race pace efforts.

Then I chess-boxed a little for a story.


Race! (Actually two races and some warming up and cooling down.)

TOTAL: 10:05

I actually feel pretty good about this. Now, if I could just carry the momentum and success onward.

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