LA Marathon Training Week 1: Oct. 27 – Nov. 2

Well, I made it to and through week one of training. My schedule for the L.A. Marathon started on Monday. I’ve also added to the plan Collegiate Triathlon Nationals in South Carolina in April, which I’m really hoping to race. You don’t get many chances in life to try again at something and, hopefully, not screw it up this time.

I’m not really back to a regular training volume, but I finally stopped feeling like death. The bronchitis is gone. The overwhelming fatigue is mostly gone. I’m still exhausted and not sleeping much and falling behind on all my projects, but in an almost-normal way. So watch out.


Swam 1,300 yards with the USC tri team in the evening. Really, I only made it through the warm-up and first set — and it’s a little amazing I even made it through that since I had driven down from San Francisco at 6 a.m. after flying back from Turkey Thursday night and then driving back up to the Bay Area on Friday. I may not have been at my best for a few days there.


Ran track with the tri team in the morning. Fortunately, they were recovering from their race over the weekend. We did a pretty low-key 3 x [4 x 100m, followed by 800m], with warm-up and cooldown. Only added up to a bit over four miles in the end.

Some light strength work, PT, and TRX.


Rode the 11 miles to school in the morning. This is not the most pleasant ride ever, it turns out.

Swam 3,000 yards with the tri team in the evening. Lots of 400s — which we were weirdly dropping in the 5:20s, no problem. (I continue to think the indoor PED pool on campus is oddly short or fast.)


Ran 7.5 miles in the morning with 10 x 1-minute pick-ups. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem like it should be hard, but kind of is. And, if someone could please let me know somewhere to run that isn’t the creek/beach bike path, that’d be great.


Ran 2.5 miles easy on the treadmill and followed it up with some throwing weights around. As not a 20-year-old guy, getting my pump on in the USC gym is a strange experience. I have to keep asking ripped guys in their ripped t-shirts, “Sorry, can I use that?” And, they sort of look at me like they’re not sure if I’ll hurt myself if they let me use the bar.

Swam 800 yards really easy just to shake things out after all that squatting and jumping.


Transition Clinic with the tri team.

Ran five miles easy on the JPL trail, which is pretty nice and may actually meet my trail standards.


Rode about 28 miles with Steve and Justin, which is almost always a recipe for a hard ride. Add to that the fact that I am not in super amazing shape and that Justin warned me there’d be “a half mile at about a 10 percent grade.” I don’t know if he was right about the grade and length, but I had to walk my bike up part of it. If I’m honest with myself it was partially in my head. We’d been going uphill for awhile before we hit the steep part — even up a section that I thought was the steep part. And, I managed to make it up the first sharp stretch of 200 yards or so. It wound around, then it leveled off a bit. I did it! No problems! Then, there was another section: straight and up, up, up for another 100-200 yards. I was standing and my wheel was slipping a bit in the dirt patches. I didn’t quite have enough momentum to get over the top of the pedals and began to tip on the incline. Walking my bike up the hill in bike shoes, though, wasn’t a whole lot easier. It was so steep I couldn’t get any traction and just kept sliding backwards. So that was fun.

TOTAL: 8:40

Week one done. On to week two.

Week two includes me racing the collegiate triathlon at UCLA, for which I am woefully unfit. But, why not? Collegiate triathlon is fun and cheap. I even agreed to do a mixed team relay with three of the kids. What won’t be hilarious about me doing flying mounts and trying to out-kick collegiate runners over a 1,000 meter? Basically, if you’re in L.A., you should come watch it.

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