Training: Sept. 29-Oct. 5

I stopped posting training logs when I stopped training for the last two months. But, now, I’ve written out a 20-week training plan for the LA Marathon. And, by “written” I mean I borrowed heavily from the marathon workouts Mario gave me last time I was with him and am filling in the gaps with triathlon training. Fortunately, 20 weeks starts the weekend after I get back from Turkey, so right now I’m just on a easing-back-into-things training plan until then.

And, accountability, etc. So, here is my training again — for last week.


Swam 2,000 yards moderately easy with some band swimming.


Natural day off, since I’m in class all day and Steve was visiting, so we were out super late.


I meant to run, but I didn’t run.


Ran 5.5 miles with Steve in the morning down the bike beach path. I may be off running with Steve until either I get faster or he gets slower.

Crossfit workout in the evening, to check out the gym (“box”) and make some contacts for a story too. Two birds. We did a lot of cleans and I am not that good at cleans, so my quads felt like they were giving out. My arms also started to fail on the dips. Basically, the lesson is I have very little muscle strength.


Drove back up to the Bay Area.


Rode with Steve. It’s unclear how much we rode because his bike was having problems and there was a lot of hanging out and after the hanging out it’s hard to get motivated again. But, it was about 2:30 I think around Nicasio.


I skipped running in the morning because I think I’m getting sick again (ugh). After I finished my project, though, and was feeling better later in the day, I went for my second favorite run at Phoenix. Because you can’t not run on the trails when in Marin.

TOTAL: 5:45

Yeah, it’s a start…

3 thoughts on “Training: Sept. 29-Oct. 5

  1. You are helping motivate me in my triathlon training! looking back at your ironman training posts are really inspiring me! I’m relatively new to all this so loving your blog! You’re such a pro!

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