What Should I Do This Year?

I can’t decide if I want to really do anything athletic or not. Or, if so, what I want to do. Sure, I’ve complained about the cycling in L.A., but really it’s mostly a time-efficiency question. If I have to drive to get in good rides, then long-distance triathlon training is probably off the table. I’ve been thinking about just running, but the prospect of going up and down (and up and down) beach bike paths and around the neighborhood is depressing. Without trail running, I sort of hate running. But, it turns out I’m a super big trail snob. That one’s too hot and exposed; this one’s too hilly; that one’s too dusty.

What should I do? Suggestions? Should I:

  • Run the L.A. Marathon
  • Run a bunch of halves and 10Ks
  • Race Oceanside 70.3
  • Race collegiate triathlon
  • Collegiate Nationals
  • Another Ironman next summer
  • Ultra-running
  • Ocean swimming – I think that’s a thing
  • Lifestyle fitness/Crossfit
  • Hang out

3 thoughts on “What Should I Do This Year?

  1. L.A. Marathon implies lots of road running. bleah. Collegiate triathlon/nationals implies the sorts of problems you referred to in your last post. (But I agree, it would be hilarious, sortof.) I think you should get creative with the bicycling thing, maybe really early mornings, and go for Oceanside.

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