Ironman Canada: 11:32

kelly - im finish

In case you missed my twitter and my facebook and my general calling everyone I know: I did finish Ironman Canada at 6:32 p.m. on Sunday. But, man, that shit was long and hilly and rough.

Since I’m unpacking my bags, after getting home at midnight, and packing them back up to move to LA this evening to start my program at USC, this will be brief (for now).

My goal was sub-11 hours. My big goal was 10:45, which I thought would get me top two in my age group. (At least I was right about that.) I still fundamentally believe I can do that, but I also knew I had no idea what would happen after six hours. And I was right about that too. Sure, part of me is upset I was off my goal and I’m pretty annoyed with myself for switching out of race mode and into just-fucking-finish-the-damn-thing mode around 15 kilometers left in the run — since it was in Canada, I only think in kilometers now — but I went for it and I did really well for a long time and when it went badly I still kept it together enough (just enough). So, I guess it wasn’t too bad for my first one ever. But, no, I don’t know that there’ll be a second one.

6 thoughts on “Ironman Canada: 11:32

  1. That is still a good time on a pretty challenging course!! I had 4 friends there last weekend – they said it was harder than the last IM Canada that they did in 2012.

  2. Congratulations Kelly! I’ve been following your blog. So much going on and you came out of this better and stronger! You have a great triathlon and non sports future ahead of you!

    I just signed up for my first IM (Lake Placid July 2015). I’ve done a few halves and going big now!

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