Ironman Training Week 27: June 23-29

Last big week in the books! One more big run, some rest, tapering, and then we’re there. So close. All you can do at this point is fuck it up.


Ran 4.5 miles easy, in the hills above my house. Did some light core and PT work. Still very tired from the all-day bike ride.


Rode 1:30/25 miles in the morning with some tempo work and low cadence and high cadence and drills. It was relatively easy, but not that easy.

Swam 2,000 yards moderate in the evening with a decent amount of paddles-pull buoy-band.


Ran 17 or so miles. It was terrible. First time I’ve run with the new iPod that I finally got to work and I may have already trashed the stupid earbuds. And, it only played the same 20 songs over and over. Totally worth it. Mostly, it was terrible, though, because my left leg got all kinds of locked up and knotted. The bone spur on my left big toe is pretty bad and I think I’ve started running on the outside of my foot to compensate, which is stressing everything down the chain of my leg. Also, I tried to descend the last four miles, got down to 7:30 and then shuffled it in.


Swam 800 yards easy and did some light yoga.


Ran 6 miles in Sac, actually on a decent trail, and followed it with drills and strides in the parking lot.

Then, swam in Lake Natomas, which was awesome. Probably the first time in a long, long time that I didn’t spend the whole open water swim time wondering if I could get out yet. It was clear and cool, compared to the heat, and I just got in one of the rowing lanes and followed the buoys. I think I did a bit over a mile in 26 minutes or so. Not bad.


Swam 6,000 yards at Masters in the morning. Bad news: Getting up at 7 a.m. when you get home at midnight is not a good way to start your workout. Good news: I can still sprint at the end of two hours of swimming, even after that.


The Big Workout.

5:05 riding with Steve, out Chileno Valley to Tomales, back over Marshall and through Hicks Valley. Pretty hard.

Ran 12 1/4 miles with the 10 x 1 mile mostly in the 7:30s, one in 7:55, one in mid-7:20s.

TOTAL: 16:20

Saturday, when we were at a house party after the beer fest, everyone kept telling me I look really fit. I think it’s because I was wearing a tanktop and my arms are oddly buff right now. So, at least I look ready to go. I feel 80% ready. Just need to walk the line between recovering and staying in shape now.

2 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 27: June 23-29

  1. Took me forever to get the iPod shuffle to do what I want. Do you have playlists? I didn’t realize that the only way to know which playlist is going is to turn on the voice over NOT ON THE iPOD, ON THE STUPID iTUNES ON THE COMPUTER! Jeezus that took me forever to figure out. Anyway, I chose UKEnglish so it would speak to me in an accent 🙂 and then push that tiny button on the top to get it to recite the possible playlists. Playing “all songs” is separate from the playlists so you have to actually click when the voice says “all songs” – which is aggravating and should just be the default. And and, I didn’t read the directions, so I didn’t know that the on switch has a halfway (for no shuffle) and full on for shuffle. Hmmmm. Hope it works.

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