Ironman Training Week 26: June 16 – 22

This week was a big week, which seems logical. We’re five weeks to go, so I sort of should be hitting the big training this past week and this upcoming one. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to make it all fit together from here, which races to do, how to fit that with which big workouts that are left, how to get ready to go and rested at the same time, how to sort out all the details that still need to be sorted out. (Shit, I really need to get my nutrition set-up on my bike figured out.)

When I think about all the things I still have to do it seems not possible. It seems like there are so many things that can go wrong. My triathlon bike shoes have this tendency to pinch my left foot right where the bone spur is, which has gotten really big by the way and I’ll probably have to get surgery to shave it down eventually, so when I start running off the bike it’s already irritated. And, it’s an open question whether I’ll even be able to get through 26.2 miles without it becoming debilitating. So, I’m trying to figure out the best combination of shoes. And, I still can’t get the hydropack thing into the frame of the bike and the cage on the back of my bike has a tendency to eject its bottle when I hit bumps. And, man, there are just so many things.

But, then, if I just think about the training, I think ‘yeah, I can do this.’ So, we’ll see which wins out.


Swam 1,500 yards easy, with biking to and from the gym (and to a meeting, where they were a little thrown with me showing up on my bike with wet hair).


The Long Day: Rode 4:00, with about 3:10 of it reasonably uptempo — including 20′ at IM pace and another 20′ at slightly harder than IM pace. Then ran 9 miles with 7 x 1 mile, which was supposed to be 7:40-45 but were all in the 7:20s instead. By the end, it got hard. More in a legs locking up, how am I supposed to run a whole marathon, kind of way than actually hard. But, I think that’s what Ironman hard is.

Biked another 45′ or so to and from an appointment.


Holy shit I was tired. So tired. All my plans for the day had to be scratched. Swam 1,250 yards easy and did 20′ of core/PT and then some yoga and stretching.


Ran 7.5 miles at China Camp, half with Justin and Steve.


OFF. Still so tired.


Rode 116 miles, 3600 kilojoules, 8:40. The Bob.


Again, had bigger plans. But, fuck, when you’re tired, you’re tired, and you just have to give in. Swam 2,200 yards and no joke: I was swimming in the mid-1:30s. That’s like 10″/100y slower than usual. That’s a lot of seconds. It was brutal. And people were like ‘oh, it’s fine if you’re swimming slow.’ Yeah, it’s fine, but it also is probably a sign that I should get out.

Did about 15′ of yoga stuff.

TOTAL: 18:00

That’s the biggest week I’ve ever done. FYI. So watch out. Except, you know, that’s like not even that long compared to how long Ironman is going to take. Stupid Ironman.

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