Buy: Orbea Ordu TT or Cervelo TT or Race Wheels

I’m actually finally selling my Orbea Time Trial bike, which has totally been sitting in my living room for years now. I was going to sell it last year. And, then, I decided to do triathlon again. I rode it like six or seven more times as part of my “comeback.” Then, I got a new bike. And, it’s simply sat there for months.

At least it had a friend: Steve’s Cervelo TT.

And, even though we need the money and we do NOT need the bikes (or the race wheels), both of us have been way too busy to do anything about that. (But, if you think about it on an economic level, it would have probably have been a better use of my time to work on selling the bikes, in terms of the money per hour, than to actually slave away at work.) Anyway, I finally, finally posted the bikes and wheels for sale today. So. Snatch that shit up.


2011 Orbea Ordu XS

I bought this Ordu in March 2011 and raced it until September 2011. I then decided to quit triathlon, but couldn’t bring myself to get rid of my bike. It sat in my living room and rode it six or seven times in 2013. I’m finally selling it. It has just around 900 miles on it, no crashes. There are a few minor nicks of the paint around the back wheel drop, but no scratches or any damage to the bike. (It’d be hard to damage while it sits in the living room.)

I bought it for around $3,400. Asking $1,700 without the wheels – or best offer. I have two sets of race wheels I can also sell — either for $1,000 (details at bottom).

2011 Orbea Ordu
Black and Silver
Size: XS (I’m 5’2″)
Frame/Fork: Orbea Ordu
Crankset: Shimano Ultegra
Aerobars: Profile Design Ozero
Stem: 3T Max Pro
Derailleurs/Chain/Shifters: Shimano Ultegra
Seat: Selle SL t1
Pedals: N/A


Dura Ace Cervelo P2 SL – 51cm

It’s a few years old at this point, but Cervelo was so far ahead on the TT bike tech front that it stacks up well against all but the newest models of many of competing companies. Plus the bike is about as adjustable as they come, so you can put yourself into a super aero position. $950, without wheels. Minor cosmetic scuffs on bar tape and front derailleur, otherwise the bike is in very good condition.

Gray Cervelo P2 SL Aluminum Frame – 51 cm
Fork: Carbon Wolf Time Trial, White Design
Crankset: Dura Ace 7800
Bar end shifter: Dura Ace 7800
Front Derailleur: Dura Ace 7800
Rear Derailleur: Dura Ace 7800
Seat post: Cervelo
Seat: Adamo ISM
Break Calipers: Cervelo
Bar extensions: Carbon vision
Bar clamps and pads: zipp



$1,000 for either: Zipp 303 Tubular wheelset with wired powertap (used) and disc cover;
or, completely new, unridden Roval Rapide CL 40 clincher wheelset with new Turbo pro tires.
Cassette negotiable, tell me what you want.

6 thoughts on “Buy: Orbea Ordu TT or Cervelo TT or Race Wheels

  1. Oh god. This is tempting. If only I had any confidence at all that I could ride a tri bike without going straight into a ditch! (Though this may just be the novelty factor of seeing a used bike that might theoretically actually fit me as a 5’1″ lady. Do you know how often that happens? Never, is how often.) Aughhhhhhhh.

    1. Hah, TT bikes aren’t hard to ride. You just get used to it. It’s so weird how everything is designed for taller women, since the average woman is like 5’3″ or something and it’s not like female triathletes and cyclists are big.

      1. Yeah, I was emailing bike shops in Michigan the other day to see what small rentals they had and one place told me the smallest road bike they had was a 54. LOL NO.

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